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#37  Jul 05, 2013    email version


Hot issues in changing positions and salary


Can employer pre-set conditions for changing positions and then unilaterally change the position? What are the legitimate reasons for unilateral change of positions? What to be pay attention to in the process of changing a position? How to deal with the disagreement to the change of position by the employee?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 新劳动合同法正式实施

    The new Labor Contract Law is formally implemented


    The newly amended Labor Contract Law is formally implemented on July 1st. This new law clearly stipulates that dispatched employee should have the same right with “formal” employee in respect of labor and remuneration.

  • 《广东省工会经费收缴管理暂行办法》正式发布

    Temporary Method for Management of Outlay Collection of Trade Union in Guangdong Province is released formally

    《广东省工会经费收缴管理暂行办法》正式发布,规定自2013年7月1日起,广东省实行工会经费由地方税务机关代收。 缴费单位按每月全部职工工资总额的2%缴纳工会经费。

    Temporary Method for Management of Outlay Collection of Trade Union in Guangdong Province is released formally, stipulating that from July 1st, 2013, the outlay of trade union in Guangdong will be collected by local tax authorities. The paying entity should appropriate 2% of the total amount of its employees’ salary as such outlay.

  • 北京:高温津贴禁用饮料药品冲抵

    Beijing: high-temperature allowance cannot be set off against beverage and medicine


    According to Beijing Trade Union, the work of sunstroke prevention in the summer of 2013 has begun. Operators working outdoor should enjoy a high-temperature allowance per month of not less than 120 yuan in summer, which may not be set off against sunstroke-preventing beverage by employer.

  • 广东:省内医保转移互认缴费年限

    Guangdong: payment years will be accumulated when transferring social medical insurance within province


    From July 1st, the years of paying medical insurance premium will be accumulated when transferring such insurance within Guangdong Province. This will apply to the individual “participating in social medical insurance in the province, not reaching the age of statutory retirement, and needing to transfer medical insurance relationship across planning region within the province due to change of employer”.

  • 北京位居人才综合竞争力首位

    Beijing ranks the first in respect of comprehensive talent competitiveness

    日前发布的《中国区域人才竞争力报告蓝皮书》显示,2011年省域最具人才综合竞争力前十名榜单中,北京位居首位。 其次是江苏、上海、广东。

    The Blue Paper of Talent Competitiveness in Different Regions of China released recently shows, on the top-ten list of provincial talent competitiveness of 2011, Beijing ranks the first. Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong rank the second, the third and the fourth respectively.

  • 1620


    As of July 1st, 2013, 18 provinces, regions and cities in our nation have successively raised their minimum wage standard. From the point of absolute value, Shanghai’s minimum monthly wage standard reaches 1620 yuan, ranking the highest in the nation. The highest minimum hourly wage standard appears in Beijing and Xinjiang, both reaching 15.2 yuan.

  • 70%


    The Blue Paper of Talent Competitiveness in Different Regions of China released recently shows that 70% of the talents returning from overseas choose a few coastal developed cities as their place of work. The less developed provinces and regions in the West are not so attractive to them.

  • 75%


    Recently, the CPPCC of Guangdong Province announced, as of June 22nd, the employment rate of the universities in Guangdong is 75%, a little lower than previous years. Among Guangdong’s graduates of bachelor’s degree of 2012, the employment rate of the graduates of engineering is the highest, reaching 95.09%.

  • 2510


    The Employment Report of Graduates of 2013 released by Ganji.com shows that by May 31st of this year, there are still 83.2% of this year’s graduates who had not found job. In addition, the expected salary of them is 2510 yuan/month.

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