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#372  Jun 12, 2020    email version


Who has the final say on whether work on rest days shall be recognized as overtime work during the business trip?


Xu's business trip includes rest days, and the company has also paid the travel allowance for rest days. Is it necessary for the company to pay Xu overtime salary for rest days?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:工伤保险费率阶段性下调20%

    Beijing: Phased reduction of work-related injury insurance rate by 20%

    近日,据媒体报道, 北京市日前发布了《关于阶段性降低本市工伤保险费率的通告》。明确从2020年5月1日至2021年4月30日,该市一类至八类行业用人单位工伤保险费率,在现行费率的基础上下调20%。

    It’s reported that Beijing recently issued the Circular on Phased Reduction of Work-related Injury Insurance Rate in Beijing. It’s clearly stated that from May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021, the work-related insurance rate contributed by employers in the first to eighth categories of industries in Beijing will be cut by 20% on the basis of the current rate.

  • 上海:基层工会可以列支春秋游费用 每人每天不超200元

    Shanghai: Local unions may disburse the expenses of spring and autumn outings capped at 200 yuan per capita per day


    According to media reports, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism and the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions recently issued a Circular, actively encouraging trade unions at all levels to give priority to spring and autumn outings in local scenic spots. Local unions may disburse the expenses of spring and autumn outings capped at 200 yuan per capita per day.

  • 山东:即日起至年底个体工商户和小微企业免除一切税费

    Shandong: Individual businesses and micro- and small enterprises will be exempted from all taxes and dues from now until the end of this year


    According to recent media reports, Shandong has issued a Circular, requiring the local authority to, under the premise of fully implementing the state’s taxes and fees cutting policies, exempt individual businesses and micro- and small enterprises from all taxes and dues as of the date of issuance of the circular until December 31, 2020.

  • 众泰:鼓励员工离职 再次顺延放假时间至2021年7月

    Zotye: Encourage employees to leave office and postpone the vacation period again until July 2021


    According to recent media reports, the Notice issued by Zotye Hu’nan Manufacturing Base clearly stated that the vacation period will be postponed again to July 2021 and work will be resumed from July 1, 2021. In addition, employees who resign from work will receive some incentive subsidies.

  • 4万


    According to recent media reports, the State Council Information Office recently held a press conference, during which Mr. Liu Cigui, the Secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Hainan Provincial People’s Congress, said that over 100,000 people started their businesses in Hainan, and Hainan recently launched over 40,000 jobs worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of applicants around the world participating in the recruitment program.

  • 2000元


    Fujian has reportedly made it clear that graduates of full-time ordinary colleges and universities, full-time secondary vocational schools (including skilled workers’ schools) and special education institutions (professional education) in 2020 who are originally from Hubei province will be granted a one-off job-hunting and start-up subsidy of 2,000 yuan per person.

  • 30%

    近日,据媒体报道,东南亚最大的低成本航空公司亚洲航空(AirAsia)将裁员30%,包括亚洲航空及其中程子公司AirAsia X 60%的乘务员和飞行员,余下员工将减薪至多75%。

    According to recent media reports, AirAsia, the largest low-cost carrier in Southeast Asia, will lay off 30% of its staff, including 60% of the flight attendants and pilots of AirAsia and its medium-range subsidiary AirAsia X. The rest of its staff will be subject to a pay cut by up to 75%.

  • 1000


    According to recent media reports, British luxury brand Bentley will launch a restructuring plan named Beyond100, in which 1,000 employees will be laid off. Bentley will initially encourage voluntary resignations before conducting mandatory layoffs.

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