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#377  Jul 24, 2020    email version


Can medical treatment period be included in length of service?


Should the 9-month medical treatment period entitled to Wang be included in the length of service?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:企业职工三险缴费下限不变

    Beijing: The lower limits of the three insurance contributions for enterprise employees remain unchanged

    近日, 据媒体报道,北京市发布《关于2020年度各项社会保险缴费工资基数上下限的通知》,明确2020年度北京市企业职工基本养老保险、失业保险、工伤保险以及机关事业单位职工基本养老保险月缴费基数下限不变,仍为上年标准。

    Reportedly, Beijing has recently issued the Notice on the Upper and Lower Limits of the Wage Base of Various Social Insurance Contributions in 2020, clarifying that the lower limit of the monthly contribution base of basic endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, and work-related injury insurance for enterprise employees and basic endowment insurance for employees of public institutions in Beijing in 2020 remain unchanged from the previous year.

  • 广州:新政最高补贴5G人才500万、引进龙头企业5000万元

    Guangzhou: The new policy will grant a subsidy of up to 5 million yuan or 50 million yuan for introducing 5G talents or 5G leading enterprises respectively


    According to recent media reports, the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau issued the Several Measures for Further Accelerating the Development of 5G Industry in Guangzhou, which clearly stated that the maximum subsidy for introducing a 5G leading enterprise is 50 million yuan, and the maximum subsidy for introducing a “highly qualified and urgently needed" talent in 5G industry from home and abroad is 5 million yuan.

  • 湖北宜昌:2020年7月—12月 实行2.5天弹性休假制度

    Yichang, Hubei: A 2.5-day flexible weekend will be implemented from July to December 2020


    Reportedly, the city of Yichang has recently issued a Notice, clarifying that from July to December 2020, a 2.5-day flexible weekend will be implemented. In principle, the current working hours per week remain unchanged, and the half-day working hours reduced will be offset by overtime hours arranged by the employers.

  • 阿里、蚂蚁集团:讨论取消周报

    Alibaba and Ant Group: Discuss canceling the weekly report


    Reportedly, according to the insiders, Alibaba and Ant Group have clearly communicated internally to cancel the employee weekly report, and some unnecessary meetings will be canceled gradually.

  • 564万


    According to recent media reports, the MOHRSS held the press conference for Q2 of 2020, indicating from January to June, 5.64 million new urban jobs were created nationwide, accounting for 62.7% of the annual objective.

  • 8190元


    Reportedly, according to the Talent Attractiveness Report for Q2 of 2020 released recently by zhipin.com, the average monthly salary of white-collar workers in the top 50 cities with talent demand is 8,190 yuan, and Beijing leads the country with 12,602 yuan.

  • 1600


    According to recent media reports, Standard Chartered Group plans to recruit over 1,600 employees for its new center in southern China in the next three years. It is learned that the London-based bank is investing 40 million US dollars in the Standard Chartered Bank Greater Bay Area Center in Guangzhou.

  • 1600


    Recently, according to foreign media coverage, the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 outbreak may force Burger King to permanently close 5% to 10% of its stores, resulting in the disappearance of 800 to 1,600 jobs.

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