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#38  Jul 12, 2013    email version


Can the employer require the guarantor to compensate should the guaranteed engages in corruption or theft?


The most distinctive feature of labor relations is that the two sides are not entirely equal: the enterprise has a certain power of dominance and management over the employees, so the two sides are in subordinate relations to a certain extent. As a result, labor relations do not meet the statutory conditions for the establishment of guarantee as stated in the Guarantee Law.

  • 如何防范内部员工贪污、欺诈?
  • How to Prevent Corruption and Fraud of Internal Employees?
  • 实践中,尽管有法律的约束,但员工欺诈事件仍不胜枚举,为了降低公司内部员工的贪污、欺诈行为的概率,我们主张公司建立反员工欺诈、贪污的应对手段。
  • In practice, despite of legal constraints, frauds of internal employees are countless. To reduce the rate of corrosion and frauds of internal employees, it is submitted that the following measures should be established in the company for anti-corrosion and frauds.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院通过《中华人民共和国外国人入境出境管理条例(草案)》

    The State Council has passed the Regulation on Management of Foreigner’s Going into and out of Country of the People’s Republic of China (draft).


    Recently, the executive meeting of the State Council examined and passed the Regulation on Management of Foreigner’s Entry into and Departure from Country of the People’s Republic of China (draft).

  • 企业年检费等33项行政收费将取消和免征

    33 administrative charges such as enterprise annual inspection fee will be rescinded and exempted


    The Ministry of Finance and the NDRC issued a notice recently, deciding to rescind and exempt from 33 administrative charges including enterprise annual inspection fee from Aug. 1st, 2013.

  • 18省上调最低工资标准 上海最高

    18 provinces increase minimum wage standard, with Shanghai being the highest


    In 2013, 18 provinces and regions have successively increased their minimum wage standards. From the point of absolute value, Shanghai’s standard is the highest in the nation, attaining 1620 yuan. The highest minimum hourly wage standard appears in Beijing and Xinjiang, both being 15.2 yuan.

  • 上海:租房有备案才能办新居住证

    Shanghai: new residence card requires house-renting record


    The Management Rules of Residence Card of Shanghai was formally implemented recently. In addition to concluding labor contract and participating in social security program, migrant resident must register his/her rent of house in order to obtain a new residence card.

  • 北京上调丧失劳动能力工伤人员护理费

    Beijing increases nursing fee for employee suffering from work-related injury and losing labor ability


    From this month, Beijing boosts nursing fee for employee suffering from work-related injury and losing labor ability, increasing by 275.5 yuan at most. The adjustment will apply to the employee suffering from work-related injury and enjoying nursing fee before the end of the previous year.

  • 14.1%


    CIIC Salary recently released the results of its survey of the trend of enterprise employment and salary, showing that, among more than 300 enterprises (64.7% of which have more than 100 employees) participating in this survey, there are 20% of new employees leaving their posts, among who, 14.1% resign and 6.1% are dismissed.

  • 68.8%


    The survey report issued by FESCO shows that the mode of labor dispatch exists widely in nearly 60% of enterprises. This proportion is the highest in Beijing. 68.8% of enterprises are using employees under labor dispatch.

  • 163万


    The data provided by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province show that, according to preliminary statistics, there are more than 7600 labor-dispatching entities in Guangdong Province and 1.63 million employees under labor dispatch.

  • 5113.75亿


    The data released by the Department of Insurance Fund Supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security show that, as of the end of the first quarter of this year, there are 57485 enterprises establishing enterprise annuity, which have reached 511.375 billion yuan in aggregate.

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