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#380  Aug 14, 2020    email version


Can an employer deduct wages if its separated employee fails to hand over the work?


Can the employer deduct the wages if the separated employees fail to fulfill their obligations to complete the work handover?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:全国灵活就业从业人员规模达2亿左右

    MOHRSS: The number of flexible employees nationwide reaches about 200 million


    Reportedly, the MOHRSS, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, among other departments, said that the number of flexible employees across China reached about 200 million, which not only solved the livelihood of workers but also eased the employment pressure in urban areas, becoming a “reservoir” for employment.

  • 广西:企业职工养老保险缴费基数下限调整为2955.1元/月

    Guangxi: To adjust the lower limit of contribution base for enterprise employees’ endowment insurance to 2,955.1 yuan/month


    Reportedly, Guangxi recently issued the Notice stating expressly that the upper limit of contribution base for enterprise employees’ basic endowment insurance would be 15,769.5 yuan/month, that the lower limit of contribution base for basic endowment insurance in government organs and public institutions would be 3,153.9 yuan/month, and that the lower limit of contribution base for enterprise employees’ basic endowment insurance would be 2,955.1 yuan/month.

  • Facebook:员工可居家办公至2021年7月 补助1000美元

    Facebook: Employees may work from home until July 2021, eligible for a $1,000 allowance


    Recently, according to foreign media reports, Facebook said that considering the pandemic effects, Facebook would allow employees to work from home voluntarily until July 2021, and provide an additional allowance of $1,000 to meet the needs of employees to work from home.

  • 英国:三分之一雇主计划本季度裁员

    UK: One third of employers plan layoffs this quarter


    Reportedly, a survey recently released by CIPD and Adecco Group shows that one third of employers in Britain are planning layoffs in the third quarter, highlighting the recovery risks that the labor market crisis imposes after the pandemic lock down is lifted.

  • 5000


    Recently, according to media reports, Tencent will officially start the 2021 Autumn Recruitment, offering 5,000 jobs to graduates of 2021 session. The total recruitment scale is expected to increase by 42% compared with last year.

  • 2000


    Recently, according to media reports, Meituan Dianping Group ("Meituan") officially launched the upgraded "Spring Return Plan", providing more than 2,000 new positions for campus recruitment and more than 5,000 new positions for social recruitment.

  • 50万


    Recently, Youdao Excellent Course, offered by NetEase Youdao’s K12 On-line School, has reportedly released the 2021 campus recruitment positions. Outstanding graduates from top universities will be recruited as on-line course lecturers. It’s reported that the position of " large-class lecturer of senior high school " offers an annual salary of 500,000 yuan at least.

  • 4000万美元


    Recently, it’s reported that McDonald’s accused its former CEO Easterbrook of concealing his sexual relationship with three employees from investigators when he was removed by the board of directors in November 2019 because of his intimacy with his subordinates. McDonald’s said it was seeking to recover the reward and gratuity granted to Easterbrook when he left office. It’s reported that the gratuity agreement is worth about USD 40 million.

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