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#381  Aug 21, 2020    email version


Can the company arrange for employees to take statutory paid annual leave of next year?


The company would like to know whether it is possible to arrange for employees to take the statutory paid annual leave of next year in advance.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 百度:今年校招整体规模较往年扩大了40%

    Baidu: The overall scale of campus recruitment this year has expanded by 40% compared with previous years


    Recently, according to media reports, Baidu’s 2021 campus recruitment was officially launched, with many “attractive positions" available to graduates of 2021 session both at home and abroad. It’s reported that the overall scale of Baidu’s campus recruitment this year has expanded by 40% compared with previous years, and the working places include six major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yangquan and Chengdu.

  • 苏宁:疫情后逆势加薪 个人最高50%的加薪幅度

    Suning: The maximum pay rise of 50% for individuals will be offered against the trend after the epidemic


    Recently, the topic of "mid-year pay rise" within Suning was reportedly exposed on a social platform. According to the exposed plan, not only will the pay rise be higher than the previous years, but individual employees may also get a maximum pay rise of 50%. The pay rise will be offered at the headquarters and in 36 regions across China.

  • Uber :CEO称如法院仍认为“司机是员工”,将暂停运营

    Uber CEO said it would suspend operations should the court hold that “a Uber driver is an employee"

    近日,据外媒报道,美国加州一名法官裁定,禁止Uber和Lyft在当地将其平台上的司机视为“合同工”,而是要将他们视为可享受公司福利的“正式员工”。Uber CEO表示,如果法院不推翻该裁决,公司在加州的服务可能会暂时关闭几个月时间。

    Recently, according to foreign media reports, a judge in California ruled that Uber and Lyft were not allowed to treat drivers on their platforms as "contract workers", but as "regular employees" who are eligible for company benefits. Uber CEO said that should the court not overturn the ruling, the company’s operations in California could be temporarily shut down for several months.

  • 特朗普:遭52家科技巨头联名起诉 原因是限制外籍劳工入境

    Trump was jointly sued by 52 technology giants for banning foreign workers from entering the US


    Recently, according to foreign media reports, 52 American technology giants, including Amazon and Facebook, jointly sued the Trump administration, opposing the administrative order to temporarily suspend the issuance of work visas such as H-1B and ban certain foreign workers from entering the US. Effective from June 24 until the end of 2020, this administrative order that banned new immigrants from entering the United States by suspending the issuance of a series of specific non-immigrant work visas has affected many employees in technology companies.

  • 6000


    Recently, according to media reports, ByteDance officially launched the 2021 Autumn Recruitment, providing more than 6,000 jobs for fresh graduates in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, among other cities. This autumn recruitment will last until October 31.

  • 3000


    Recently, Kuaishou reportedly announced that the scale of its campus recruitment in 2020 will double, which offers more than 3,000 jobs. This campus recruitment will target graduates of 2021 session, providing nine categories of positions including product, technology, operation and games, among which 60% are technical positions. Excellent fresh graduates can earn over one million a year.

  • 4亿欧元


    Recently, according to foreign media reports, after a 95-day strike, Nissan finally agreed to postpone the closure of three factories in Catalonia, Spain until December 2021. These factories were supposed to close in this December. Meanwhile, the compensation of EUR 400 million will be paid to 2,500 workers who were laid off before, with each worker receiving a compensation of EUR 158,000 on average.

  • 9亿美元


    Recently, Cisco reportedly announced its restructuring plan, saying its business restructuring that includes a voluntary early retirement program and layoffs will start this quarter, and that it’s expected to recognize one-off expenditure of about USD 900 million.

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