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#382  Aug 28, 2020    email version


The stipulation providing that an employee shall make “payment in lieu of notice” is invalid!


Is it legal to dock one month's wage as "payment in lieu of notice” if an employee resigns without notifying an employer one month in advance according to the labor contract?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 湖南:调整省本级一次性生育补助金支付标准

    Hu’nan: To adjust its provincial standard for one-off maternity allowance


    Recently, Hunan Province has reportedly specified its one-off maternity allowance standard for 2020,according to which, a female employee laid-off by the employer is eligible for 3,548 yuan and a male employee laid-off by the employer is eligible for 1,774 yuan.

  • 河南:提高企业吸纳贫困劳动力就业补贴标准至2000元

    He’nan: To increase the employment subsidy standard for enterprises employing impoverished laborers to 2,000 yuan


    Recently, according to media reports, He’nan Province has specified that all kinds of enterprises, farmers’professional cooperatives and other market operators that have employed impoverished laborers and maintained steady employment for more than 6 months will be given a one-off employment subsidy, and that the subsidy standard will be raised from 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan per person.

  • 猿辅导:因疫情无法组织团建 给员工发7千元补贴

    Yuanfudao: To give employees an allowance of 7,000 yuan as it’s impossible to organize team building activities due to the epidemic


    Recently, the online education company “Yuanfudao" reportedly sent an internal email, saying that it’s impossible to organize team building activities due to the epidemic, so it distributed the fund directly to its employees, each of whom will receive 7,000 yuan. At the same time, the 4-day vacation will be added to the annual leave.

  • 尚德:大规模裁员 离职员工达到30%

    Sunlands: Mass layoffs have reached 30%


    Recently, a number of employees who had left Sunlands reportedly said that Sunlands has been laying off employees continuously in recent months, with front-end sales, back-end operations and technical departments involved. At present, the number of separated employees has reached 30% of the total, and some management members have also departed.

  • 1.7万+


    Recently, according to media reports, New Oriental officially launched the "New Oriental Global Campus Recruitment 2021” that will provide 17,000+ jobs. It’s reported that this is the largest campus recruitment in the history of New Oriental.

  • 5000+


    Recently, according to media reports, ZTE’s campus recruitment of 2021 was officially announced. This campus recruitment targets college students all over the country, with 5000+ decent jobs available covering R&D, marketing, operation support, supply chain, infrastructure and other fields.

  • 16000


    Recently, Tesco reportedly announced that it will create 16,000 permanent jobs in Britain, including 10,000 new sorters and 3,000 new delivery drivers. The remaining 3,000 jobs will be provided at various role stores and distribution centers.

  • 6000


    Recently, Swarovski’s management reportedly announced that it would adjust its existing lines of business and lay off 6,000 employees. It’s reported that Swarovski’s revenue will be hit hard in 2020, plummeting by 30% to about EUR 2 billion (USD 2.4 billion).

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