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#383  Sep 04, 2020    email version


If an employee sustaining a work-related injury is dismissed for serious disciplinary violation, is he eligible for work-related injury benefits?


May the employer terminate the labor contract with the employee sustaining a work-related injury on the grounds of disciplinary violation?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 湖南:降低省本级城镇职工基本医保单位缴费费率

    Hunan: Employer contribution rate of basic medical insurance for urban employees at the provincial level will be reduced


    According to recent media reports, Hunan Health Security Administration announced that the employer contribution rate of basic medical insurance for urban employees at the provincial level will be reduced from 8% to 7% as of September 1, 2020.

  • 厦门:鼓励用人单位每年给育儿假

    Xiamen: Employers are encouraged to grant parental leave every year


    Reportedly, the Xiamen Municipal Government has recently announced to encourage employers to give 10 days of parental leave to couples, who raise children in compliance with laws and regulations, each year when their children are under the age of three.

  • 阿里巴巴:内部隐藏P序列职级 员工无法看到彼此职级

    Alibaba: P-sequence rank display is hidden internally, and employees cannot see each other’s specific ranks


    Reportedly, Alibaba has recently canceled the “P” sequence rank display in its internal system, and employees can no longer see each other’s specific ranks, but only their groups or departments. Many employees said that this may be related to encouraging equal communication internally.

  • 日本丰田:拟修改涨薪方式 恐致部分员工零加薪

    Toyota: Proposed modification of the pay raise method may lead to no pay raise for some


    Recently, Toyota Motor decided to drastically modify the calculation method of regular pay raise in each spring. The new scheme will emphasize performance “appraisal”, and employees with worst appraisal results may not get a pay raise. Sources said that the trade union will formally decide whether to adopt this scheme on September 30.

  • 50万


    According to recent media reports, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced that the 2020 Bole Incentive Plan was open for applications. The incentive criteria are divided mainly into two categories. In particular, Category A incentive is designed to recruit world-renowned or top domestic high-level talents, with a maximum reward of 500,000 yuan. Category B incentive is designed to recruit high-level talents and badly-needed talents to accelerate development, with a maximum reward of 150,000 yuan.

  • 10000


    Reportedly, ByteDance has recently planned to invest about 10 billion yuan in ByteDance Innovation Business Center project in Chengdu High-tech Zone. The project is expected to be staffed with a 10,000-strong workforce within 5 years.

  • 5.5万元


    Reportedly, Ant Group has recently submitted its listing prospectus, showing that as at June 30, 2020, the headcount of the issuer and its subsidiaries combined reaches 16,660, and that its employee compensation in the first half of 2020 is 5.5 billion yuan, with an average monthly wage of 55,000 yuan.

  • 4000人


    Reportedly, Coca-Cola has recently announced a staff restructuring plan, which will provide eligible employees with voluntary separation package. This plan is expected to involve 4,000 employees and give rise to about $350 million to $550 million of gratuities.

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