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What shall a company do when one of its employees having developed symptoms of occupational diseases refuses transfer-position?


What shall a company do when one of its employees who has developed symptoms of occupational diseases refuses the company's request for transfer-position several times?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 中国石化:史上最大规模校招开启

    Sinopec: The largest campus recruitment in history was launched

    近日, 报道称,2021年中国石化校园招聘于日前正式启动。此次招聘将提供1700多个岗位,计划招聘1.1万余人,据悉,这是中国石化自1983年成立以来最大规模的毕业生招聘。

    Recently, it’s reported that the 2021 Sinopec Campus Recruitment was officially launched the other day. This recruitment will offer more than 1,700 jobs, and plans to recruit over 11,000 new employees. It’s learned that this is the largest graduate recruitment of Sinopec since its establishment in 1983.

  • 字节跳动:为感谢员工的努力 发放50%固定薪酬的奖金

    ByteDance: To grant a bonus equaling 50% of fixed pay to thank employees for their efforts


    Reportedly, ByteDance has recently sent an email announcing that it would pay bonuses in order to acknowledge its employees for their efforts. The bonus will amount to 50% of the fixed pay for August 2020. All full-time employees who have shown up for work for at least 26 working days from July 1 to August 31, 2020 are eligible for the bonus.

  • 任正非:将来华为岗位分三类 职员类岗位不涉及末位淘汰

    Ren Zhengfei: Huawei posts will be divided into three categories, and “bottom-out” system will not apply to staff posts


    Reportedly, the Xinsheng Community, an internal forum of Huawei, has recently published Ren Zhengfei’s speech at the symposium. Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei’s posts would be divided into three categories in the future, namely staff post, expert post and management post. Among them, the staff post is also called professional post. There will be no age limit, so they can work till their 50s-60s. Absolute assessment will be adopted, and the bottom-out system will not apply to these posts.

  • 西贝:创始人贾国龙谈“715工作制”引热议 官方称非硬性标准

    Xibei: Founder Jia Guolong talked about the "715 work schedule”, which, the company said, was not a rigid requirement


    Recently, it’s reported that Jia Guolong, the chairman of Xibei Group, said the other day on the social account: "996 work schedule is nothing compared with our 715 work schedule. We often work 15 hours per day, 7 days per week, and nighttime meetings are commonplace." The speech sparked heated discussions. Xibei responded that it’s neither a rigid standard nor a mandatory requirement.

  • 1540元


    Reportedly, Beijing has recently issued the Notice on Supporting Enterprises to Stabilize and Expand Employment. It states clearly that if enterprises give work-based training to new recruits, they will be granted a monthly training subsidy of 1,540 yuan per person, and the maximum subsidy period will not exceed 6 months.

  • 2万+


    Reportedly, Suning has recently had its first live broadcast of the 2021 campus recruitment. Suning will make available 80+ categories of posts to fresh graduates around the globe, including group management, operation, and technique. Meng Xiangsheng, CHO and SVP of Suning.com, said that Suning has recruited 10,000+ fresh graduates in the past two years and would employ another 20,000+ in the next three years.

  • 1000


    According to recent media reports, Ctrip Group officially launched its campus recruitment, making available more than 1,000 jobs to outstanding graduates of class of 2021 at home and abroad, with the working places covering 12 cities in 3 countries.

  • 7万


    According to recent media reports, FedEx said that it’s planning to recruit 70,000 American employees for holiday delivery. In addition, from September 13, the company will extend the residential delivery coverage of FedEx Ground service on Sundays to nearly 95% of the American population.

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