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#388  Oct 15, 2020    email version


If the company refunds payments to customers, may it require the employee to return the commission?


If the company refunds sales payments to customers, may it require the attending sales employee to return the commission?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:支持企业间开展共享用工

    MOHRSS: Support shared workforce among enterprises


    Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Notice on Implementation of Guidance and Service of Shared Workforce, which explicitly supports the shared workforce among enterprises. Meanwhile, it required human resources and social departments at all levels to guide enterprises engaged in shared workforce to sign cooperation agreements in good time, to guide enterprises to fully respect workers’wishes and the right to learn the truth, and to guide enterprises to change labor contracts according to law.

  • 美团:职级大调整 不升职也能加薪

    Meituan: Major adjustments in the rank system and possible pay rise without promotion


    Recently, Meituan announced the latest adjustment of the rank system: a new “flat rank & wide remuneration" system will be implemented from the beginning of 2021. The original "M+P" dual-rank line, "1-2 to 3-3" and other professional sequences will be replaced by a single-rank line named “L + digit". In addition, the frequency of rank promotion will be changed from twice in spring/fall to once in spring, but in the meantime, an additional pay rise will be implemented in each fall.

  • 报告:三季度上海企业支付月薪排名第一 成都涨薪最快

    Report: Enterprises in Shanghai ranked first in monthly wage payment in Q3, and Chengdu saw the fastest pay rise


    Reportedly, 58.com has recently released the national recruitment data in Q3 2020. With respect to pay level, Shanghai ranked first with a monthly wage of 10018 yuan in Q3. From the viewpoint of monthly wage increase, Chengdu ranked first with a YoY increase of 12.3% in monthly wage.

  • 微软:允许员工在家工作 承担远程办公费用

    Microsoft: Employees are allowed to work from home and telecommuting expenses will be on the account of the company


    According to recent media reports, employees of Microsoft will have the option to work remotely for less than 50 percent of their normal work week. Employees are allowed to work from home permanently after obtaining the approval by the manager. The company will cover the telecommuting expenses.

  • 224元


    According to recent media reports, Qinghai issued the Notice on Adjusting the Benefits of Work-related Injury Insurance, deciding to adjust the disability allowance for injured workers from January 1, 2020. According to the adjustment standard, the allowance that is received by the disabled of Grade I to VI on a monthly basis will be increased by 224 yuan per capital per month.

  • 525万元


    According to recent media reports, with regard to the job-hopping of the former vice president of Lenovo Chang Cheng to Xiaomi, Haidian District Labor and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Commission has made a ruling that Chang Cheng shall continue to fulfill the obligation of non-competition, pay liquidated damages of RMB 5,252,821 for violating non-competition and return the compensation for non-competition previously paid by Lenovo.

  • 10453元


    The Report on Employer Demand and White-collar Talent Supply in Shenzhen for the Fall of 2020 released by Zhaopin recently shows that the average monthly wage for the fall recruitment in 2020 in Shenzhen is 10453 yuan, which continues to rank third in terms of pay level among 38 major cities in China.

  • 2.8万


    Reportedly, Disney has recently announced that due to the impact of the epidemic, the company will lay off 28,000 employees in the United States, which will affect the Disneyland theme parks, experience and product departments, and 67% of the laid-off employees are part-time employees.

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