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#390  Oct 30, 2020    email version


If a labor contract is partially invalid, shall an employer pay a second half of double wage?


If some clauses of a labor contract by and between the employer and the employee violate the law, shall the employer pay a second half of double wage for failure to conclude a labor contract?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:支持多渠道灵活就业 高校毕业生最长给予三年社保补贴

    Beijing: College graduates are encouraged to seek flexible employment with different channels and will be granted social insurance premium subsidy for up to three years


    Recently, Beijing municipal authority has printed and issued the “Implementation Measures for Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to Support Multichannel Flexible Employment”. The document proposes that college graduates in Beijing who get employed flexibly for the first time within two years of leaving school in 2020 and afterwards shall be granted social insurance premium subsidy for flexible employment for no more than three years.

  • 广东:退休人员、实习生拟纳入工伤保险范围

    Guangdong: Retired people and interns are planned to be covered by work-related injury insurance

    近日, 广东省人社厅发布《关于单位从业的非劳动关系特定人员参加工伤保险的办法(试行)》(征求意见稿),提出将在从业单位工作的超过法定退休年龄人员、实习学生等多种类型的非劳动关系人员纳入工伤保险范围。

    Recently, Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province has released the “Measures on Specific Personnel Working for Employer with Non-labor Relations to Participate in Work-related Injury Insurance (Trial)” (exposure draft), proposing that personnel exceeding the statutory retirement age, students in internship and other multifarious types of personnel in non-labor relations who work at their employers will be covered by work-related injury insurance.

  • 陕西:调整工伤保险待遇标准

    Shanxi: Regulating the benefit standard of work-related injury insurance


    As reported recently, Shanxi Province has decided to regulate the benefit standard of work-related injury insurance. In the respect of disability allowance, the allowances for Grade 1-6 disabled workers are to be increased by 125 yuan, 118 yuan, 111 yuan, 104 yuan, 97 yuan, and 83 yuan per capita per month, respectively.

  • 亚马逊:允许员工在家工作至明年6月

    Amazon: Employees are allowed to work from home till June 2021


    As reported recently, Amazon will allow employees to work from home till June 2021 in order to cope with the outbreak of COVID-19. Whereas the regulation is targeted merely at white-collar workers working in office, blue-collar employees working in warehouse and other workplaces will still have to work as normal.

  • 9107亿元


    As reported recently, MOHRSS has held the press conference of Quarter III, 2020. The spokeswoman Lu Aihong introduced, as of September, the social insurance premium from basic endowment, unemployment and work-related injury has contributed to a deduction of 910.7 billion yuan for enterprises, with a social insurance premium of 61.6 billion yuan held over.

  • 7819元


    Recently, zhipin.com has released the Talent Attraction Report of Quarter III, 2020. The report indicates that the national average recruitment salary in the third quarter is 7,819 yuan per month. The 15 positions offering the highest average salary are almost all technical positions of Internet.

  • 3500


    As reported recently, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. plans to slash 3500 employees within three years. In a short-term countermeasure, this company is much likely to transfer parts of its employees to other companies such as Toyota for a moment lest these employees lose jobs.

  • 8500万


    As reported recently, the latest released report of world economy forum said that half of jobs on the globe will be performed by machine by 2025; and the “robot revolution” will replace 85 million artificial jobs.

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