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Who shall be responsible for employee’s work-related injury in case of shared employment?


Which unit shall be responsible for employee’s work-related injury in case of shared employment?

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  • 医保或将大改 涉及单位与职工缴费比例调整

    Medical insurance will probably see significant reforms, involving adjustment of employers’ and employees’ contribution rates


    Recently, the National Healthcare Security Administration drafted the national medical insurance planing outline for the "14th Five-Year Plan" and convened officials responsible for medical insurance from 15 northern provinces to discuss the planning particulars. Zheng Gongcheng, director of China Association of Social Security, suggested equalization of financing responsibility division between employers and employees, and that it’s advisable to refer to the international practice that employers and employees shall each contribute 50% to employees’ medical insurance.

  • 华为:出售荣耀 内部人士称或将补偿员工1.7倍2019年收入

    Huawei: Employees may be compensated 1.7 times their income in 2019 for the sales of Honor business, according to insiders


    Recently, Huawei reportedly announced its decision to sell the assets of Honor business as a whole. There were reports that Huawei has discussed compensation schemes for employees who would relocate into the new company. Scheme one is to buy all the shares at the original price, and Scheme two is to give a compensation of 1.7 times the 2019 income.

  • 报告:近九成已婚女性求职时被问过生育计划 三成曾隐瞒怀孕事实

    Report: Nearly 90% of married women were asked about family planning when hunting jobs, and 30% concealed the fact of pregnancy


    Recently, zhipin.com reportedly released "Observation of Women’s Living Conditions in Workplace 2020", which pointed out that nearly 90% of married but not childbearing women were asked about family planning when applying for jobs. After realizing that they were pregnant, 30% of pregnant women struggled for a long time before telling their superiors, and 35% of the superiors started to recruit successors at the moment they learned their subordinates were pregnant.

  • 研究:由于疫情冲击 多数华尔街员工2020年奖金将缩水

    Research: Due to epidemic impact, most Wall Street employees will receive less bonus in 2020


    Recently, a research reportedly shows that due to the impact of the COVID-19 on the US economy, the bonuses of most Wall Street employees at the end of 2020 will shrink, compared with 2019. Employees in the retail sector and commercial banks will be most affected, whose year-end bonuses are expected to decline by at least 25%-30%. The bonuses of investment bank advisors are expected to shrink by 15%-20%.

  • 6万


    Recently, JD.COM Group reported its Q3 2020 financial results, which showed that the employee headcount in both listed and non-listed companies affiliated to JD.COM exceeded 320,000 by September 30, 2020. Since the outbreak, workforce in JD.COM has increased by 60,000.

  • 7.6万


    Recently, Tencent reported its Q3 financial results, which showed that Tencent had 77,592 employees by the third quarter, and that the remuneration cost in the three quarters totaled 17.7 billion yuan. According to it, the average monthly salary of Tencent employees is 76,000 yuan.

  • 500美元


    Recently, it’s reported that Apple has started to lift its previous travel restrictions. Since October, the company has started to award US$ 500 a day to any American employee who would voluntarily go on business trips and tours to China. But they are required to stay in China for at least six weeks.

  • 20%


    Recently, TSMC reportedly announced that from January 1, 2021, the fixed salary of all employees directly employed in Taiwan and participating in employee dividends would increase by 20%. It’s reported that TSMC adjusted its fixed salary last time in 2010.

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