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Can an employee be dismissed if he or she fails in the annual assessment?


Is it legal to dismiss employees who fail in the annual assessment?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 华为:谁再建言造车干扰公司 可调离岗位

    Huawei: any staff who again advises the company to engage in automobile manufacturing and interfere with the operation of the company will be transferred from the post


    Reportedly, the Xinsheng Community, an internal website of Huawei, has recently published Huawei Executive Management Team (EMT) document. In the document, Huawei reiterated that it would not serve as an automobile manufacturer, but focus on ICT technology. "In the future, any staff who again advises the company to engage in automobile manufacturing and interfere with the operation of the company will be transferred from the post and have no choice but look for another post."

  • 红星美凯龙:发布内部倡议书 取消员工周末休假

    Red Star Macalline: issue an internal initial written proposal to cancel weekend vacation of employees


    Reportedly, Red Star Macalline has recently issued an internal official document, mainly advising employees to give up weekends and work overtime to ensure that the annual target is completed. Different proposals are put forward for different employees: (1) for assistant general manager and above: cancel weekend vacation; (2) for team members of each project company (company in each city): not allowed to leave the work city in principle; (3) for the employees below the level of assistant general manager: self-pressurize and actively give up the weekend.

  • 华晨雷诺:将启动裁员 目标是裁减35%-40%的员工

    Brilliance Renault: will launch layoff with the goal of cutting 35%-40% of the workforce


    Reportedly, Brilliance Renault Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd. will recently launch its second layoff this year. "The specific plan for layoffs is not yet available, but the overall goal is to cut another 35%-40% of the workforce," said an employee of Brilliance Renault.

  • 通用电气:减员四分之一后拟再“瘦身”

    GE: propose to launch further layoffs after cutting a quarter of its workforce


    Reportedly, General Electric (GE) has recently announced further job cuts, this time in its aerospace division, the largest division of GE. The reason for the layoffs is the slow recovery of the airline industry affected by the COVID-19. It is reported that GE announced in May that it would cut 25% of its workforce in the aerospace division.

  • 500万元


    Reportedly, Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued “Guidelines on the Application for Subsidies on Work-based Vocational Training in Shenzhen”, making it clear that enterprises can apply for subsidies from the human resources department of their districts before December 28, 2020 according to the number of insured workers and at the criteria of 500 yuan per person per month. The maximum amount of subsidies to be applied for is 5 million yuan, and the subsidy can be applied for at most 3 months.

  • 6000


    Reportedly, insiders recently revealed that Huawei and Honor shared the supply chain before, but after Honor broke away from Huawei this time, more than 6,000 Huawei supply chain employees joined the new Honor. It is reported that Huawei also encourages employees to work in Honor, and in addition to some subsidies, Huawei will also gradually repurchase the options that were previously sold to these employees.

  • 7000


    Reportedly, China Resources Breweries employed about 28,000 people by the end of the first half of 2020. And it employed about 35,000 people by the end of the first half of 2019. It means that the number of employed employees has decreased by about 7,000 in one year, a decrease of about 20%.

  • 2000


    Reportedly, Australia’s Qantas Airways Group recently confirmed that it will cut another 2,000 jobs and outsource all ground service work at Australia’s major airports. The job cuts are expected to be completed by early 2021, bringing the total number of job cuts of Qantas Airways to about 8,500 since the outbreak of COVID-19.

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