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Can employees who have suffered multiple work-related injuries receive multiple work-related injury benefits?


Can employees who have suffered three successive work-related injuries enjoy multiple work-related injury benefits?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 教育部:不得将毕业院校、是否全日制等作为招聘限制条件

    Ministry of Education: Graduate school and full- or part-time schooling must not be set as a qualification of recruitment


    As reported recently, the Ministry of Education has issued a notice on the good implementation of the employment and entrepreneurship service for graduates of 2021 from ordinary colleges and universities nationwide. The notice points out that graduate school, overseas (outbound) learning experience and learning mode (full-time or part-time system) must not be set as a qualification in recruitment announcement and practical operation.

  • 山西:明确通讯补贴收入征收个税问题

    Shanxi: Address the issue of levying personal income tax on communication subsidy incomes


    As reported recently, Shanxi Provincial Tax Service has printed and issued the Announcement on the Issue of Levying Personal Income Tax on Personal Communication Subsidy Incomes, which specifies the monthly portion not exceeding 500 CNY of personal communication subsidy income gained from the communication system reform may be deducted as official business expense; and the portion in excess shall be incorporated into the wage of the month, on which the personal income tax shall be levied in name of Items of Income “wage and salary”.

  • 联合利华:将在新西兰试行“做四休三” 薪资不变

    Unilever: Try out “having three days off every week” while keeping salary unchanged in New Zealand


    As reported recently, the New Zealand based company of Unilever, giant of global consumer goods, plans to try out a four-day-per-week work schedule among its staff in New Zealand while still issuing them salary in full amount. Unilever expresses all the 81 staffs at offices all across New Zealand will be involved in this trial which is to commence next week for a period of 12 months.

  • 特斯拉:承认黑人员工比例不足 公司仅10%员工是非裔

    Tesla: Admit the proportion of black staff is scant, only 10% of the staff being African descendants


    As reported recently, Tesla has released its first report on the consequences of diversification, equity and inclusiveness. The report admits the proportion of black staff is scant, only 10% of the staff within the company being black and only 4% of the staff in leadership being black or African-Americans.

  • 6万元


    As reported recently, State Taxation Administration has released an Announcement on Further Simplifying and Optimizing the Method for Withholding and Prepaying Personal Income Tax of Some Taxpayers, which specifies that, starting from 2021, personal income tax shall not be withheld or prepaid temporarily in months by which the tax payer’s cumulative income does not exceed 60 thousand CNY until the month where the tax payer’s cumulative income has exceeded 60 thousand CNY and in the following months within the year.

  • 1.5万


    As reported recently, Jingdong has announced its decision to provide 15 thousand jobs for college graduates of 2021 in order to reserve and train first-line management talents. As learned, Jingdong Logistics will recruit over 10 thousand college graduates this time.

  • 6000

    近日,据报道, 日本电通集团发布消息称,2021年年底前将裁减近6千名从事海外业务的员工。截至2019年12月底,电通从事海外业务的员工大约有4.7万人,此次裁员人数约占12.5%。

    As reported recently, Dentsu Group of Japan has released a message claiming that it will slash almost 6 thousand employees engaged in overseas business before the end of 2021. By the end of December 2019, there were roughly 47 thousand employees of Dentsu engaged in overseas business, of whom about 12.5% will be slashed this time.

  • 2900


    As reported recently, 3M Company expresses it will slash about 2900 employees worldwide and curtail investments in slow-growing markets, as part of its restructuring plan.

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