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#397  Dec 18, 2020    email version


How should the compan’s bylaws be applied if they are inconsistent with the content agreed in the labor contract?


Since the content of the performance appraisal management system provided by the company is inconsistent with the content agreed in the labor contract, Tang’s claim for preferential execution of the labor contract shall be supported.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广东:虚构劳动关系代缴社保可追究刑事责任

    Guangdong: Contribution to social security through invention of labor relations may invite criminal liabilities

    近日,据报道,广东省人社厅和公安厅联合发布《广东省查处侵害社会保险基金行为办法》,明确“通过虚构劳动关系,提供虚假证明材料、鉴定意见等方式虚构社会保险参保条件,骗取社会保险待遇的。” 将按照规定移送公安机关。

    As reported recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Public Security Department of Guangdong Province have jointly released the Measures of Guangdong Province to Investigate and Handle Actions Impinging on Social Security Funds. These Measures specify that anyone “swindling social security benefits through inventing labor relations and providing fake credentials and identification opinions that fabricate conditions to participate in social security” shall be delivered to public security organs as per regulations.

  • 昆明:规定每年最多可休20天护理假

    Kunming: Up to 20-day nursing leave available each year


    As reported recently, the Regulations of Kunming on Protection of Seniors’ Rights and Interests will be implemented as of January 1, 2021. According to the Regulations, during the hospitalization of the aged parent, an employer should support the child to give care, by offering a nursing leave of accumulated 20 days each year to such employee who is the only child, or of accumulated 10 days each year to such employee who is not the only child. During the nursing period, such employee shall be entitled to the same pay package as during normal working period.

  • 报告:近八成受访者今年想过跳槽 四成付诸行动

    Report: Almost 80% of respondents have considered taking a job hop this year, 40% of whom have put it into action


    As reported recently, a survey of 2,015 employees conducted by the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily shows that 79.2% of the respondents had the intention of taking a job hop this year, 41.3% of whom have put it into action. Benefits offered by employers, job stability and unreasonable overtime work are the three major reasons accounting for the respondents’ intention of taking a job hop.

  • 谷歌:再次推迟员工重返办公室时间 未来拟试行“弹性工作周”

    Google: To postpone employees’ office-returning time again and pilot the “flexible work week” schedule in future


    As reported recently, Google has announced it will allow employees to work from home till next September, and that it will postpone the office-returning time by two months. On Sunday local time, the CEO told in an e-mail sent to the employees that the company would pilot the “flexible work week” schedule after they return to office. In other words, employees will be allowed to work in office for at least three days per week and from home for the remaining time.

  • 1099万


    As reported recently, data posted by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that China’s cities saw the employed population increased by 10.99 million from January to November 2020, accounting for 122.1% of the target task of the full year.

  • 7825元

    近日,据报道,深圳市人社局制订发布了《深圳市2020年人力资源市场工资指导价位》,工资整体平均值为 7825元/月,比上年度增长了 6.3%。

    As reported recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Administration of Shenzhen Municipality has enacted and released the Wage Guide Level in Shenzhen Human Resource Market of 2020. According to it, the overall average wage is 7,825 yuan per month, up 6.3% compared with last year.

  • 5000


    As reported recently, Galanz has announced that its Shunde-based head office is planning to recruit 5,000 more employees from all over China, including technicians and top talents such as intelligent manufacturing engineers, data R&D engineers, algorithm engineers, etc.

  • 1200美元


    As reported recently, Domino’s Pizza, the largest pizza company in the US, has announced it will offer a subsidy of USD 9.6 million to front-line employees of its outlets and supply chain factories this month, some of whom may get a subsidy of up to USD 1,200. The company also told it would recruit 30,000 new employees from across the US.

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