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#398  Dec 25, 2020    email version


Under what circumstance(s) can the employer rescind the labor contract after the employee’s medical treatment period expires?


After the medical treatment period expires, need the employer assign another job for employees who are unable to return to work? Is it illegal to rescind the labor contract immediately instead of assigning alternative jobs?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 佛山:企业职工基本养老保险单位缴费比例从13%调整为14%

    Foshan: Proportion of payment for enterprise staff’s basic endowment insurance contributed by employer rises from 13% to 14%


    Recently, Foshan municipality has released A Notice on Adjusting the Proportion of Payment for Enterprise Staff’s Basic Endowment Insurance Contributed by Employer in Foshan”, which points out, with the consent of Foshan municipal government, the proportion of payment for enterprise staff’s basic endowment insurance contributed by employer will be adjusted from 13% to 14%, starting from January 1, 2021.

  • 江苏:明年2月起超龄就业人员也能参加工伤保险

    Jiangsu: Over-age employees will be allowed to participate in work-related injury insurance starting from February next year


    As reported recently, Jiangsu Province Human Resources and Social Security Department has printed and issued the Measures for Both Personnel Over the Statutory Retirement Age and Interns to Participate in Work-related Injury Insurance in Jiangsu Province, which specifies that interns and over-age employees will be allowed to participate in work-related injury insurance starting from February 2021. The work-related injury insurance premium will be levied with a calendar month as the settlement period for over-age employees, and with the internship agreement period as the settlement period for interns.

  • 报告:78.9%求职者注重薪资待遇 平均跳槽周期15.2个月

    Report: 78.9% of job seekers value salary and benefit, taking a job hop in an average period of 15.2 months


    As reported recently, the latest released Investigation Report on Job Seekers 2020 on 58.com reveals that 78.9% of job seekers give priority to salary and benefit. Furthermore, as reported, job seekers change another job as frequently as once per 15.2 months on average.

  • 花旗:将允许员工休假长达12周并可选择额外假期

    Citi: allow employees to take a leave of up to 12 weeks and make extra holidays optional


    As reported recently, as part of a series of new bonus policy for employees after the pandemic of COVID-19, Citigroup will soon allow its employees to take as long as 12 weeks a leave. Starting from 2021, the employees will be allowed to purchase extra holidays with 5 days at most every year.

  • 500万


    As reported recently, Wang Haifeng, CTO of Baidu, has expressed that Baidu Technical Ecology has developed over 1 million AI talents; in the upcoming 5 years, it will develop 5 million technical and industrial talents in alliance with all sectors of society to provide talent assurance for China’s development in intelligence-based economy and society.

  • 10213元


    As reported recently, China South Talent Market has released the Tendency of Salaries in the Area of Guangdong 2020-2021. The report claims the average monthly salary has reached 10213 CNY in Shenzhen in 2020, topping the list for 8 consecutive years.

  • 2200


    As reported recently, due to a decline in sales volume amid the epidemic of COVID-19, Coca-Cola Company has announced its decision to revoke 2200 job positions. This downsizing includes voluntary and non-voluntary resignations. The company is predicted to pay USD 350 million to 550 million for the dismissal of employees.

  • 67%


    As reported recently, according to a survey released by Robert Half, 67% of senior management staffs in the US express they plan to provide year-end bonus for employees. 45% of these interviewees are estimated to provide more year-end bonuses than they did in the previous year, while 46% of the interviewees are estimated to keep the amount of year-end bonus unchanged.

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