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#4  Nov 01, 2012    email version


Can an Employer Terminate Labor Relations with the Employee because of the Dismissal by the Board of Directors?


Mr. Zhang was relieved from the post of general manager at the board meeting. On the following day, Mr. Zhang received the termination notice from the HR department because he no longer served as the general manager. Mr. Zhang disagreed with the settlement and applied for arbitration, claiming damages due to the illegal termination of his labor contract.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 财政部拟修订职工薪酬会计准则

    Ministry of Finance to Promulgate Accounting Principle for Employees’ Remuneration


    Accounting Division of Ministry of Finance is promulgating the 9th Enterprises’ Accounting Principles of Remuneration for Employees, and it includes some main content such as enriching accounting regulations for short-term remuneration, converting endowment insurance and unemployment insurance contributed by employers to post-employment welfare.

  • 广东:欠薪或至少加赔50%

    Guangdong: At Least Another 50% of Compensation for Back Pay of Salary


    Guangdong Labor Security Supervision Regulation(Exposure Draft) has regulated that, shall there is back pay behavior from employers and there is no payment in due time, employers shall be instructed to pay compensation to the employees with an incremental amount of above 50% and one time below the original amount.

  • 《上海市城镇居民基本医疗保险试行办法》公布实施

    Shanghai Urban Residents Basic Medical Insurance Provisional Method Unveiled and Implemented


    Shanghai Urban Residents Basic Medical Insurance Provisional Method has been unveiled and implemented recently. This regulation rules that, shall relevant costs to be incurred by work-related injury insurance, by the third party, by public health financing, or are related to seeking medical treatment in foreign countries, they are not incorporated and covered by residents’ medical insurance.

  • 60,000


    International Human Resources Blue Book: Development Report for Study Overseas of Chinese Students released by Chinese Social Scientific Literature Publishing House has indicated that, salary of the first job for people who have returned to China from overseas study is generally not very high, and 36.5% of these people have a starting salary of less than 40,000 Yuan, and 67.2% of them less than 60,000 Yuan.

  • 2000


    Beijing Labor Dispatch Employment Situation Survey Report shows that, more than 60% of employees from labor dispatch can only have a salary of less than 2000 Yuan in Beijing.

  • 3962


    Statistic from Guangdong Provincial Statistic Bureau reveals that, salary of employees’ in urban areas in Guangdong for the first three quarters of this year is averagely 3962 Yuan, representing an increase of 11.4%.

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