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#400  Jan 08, 2021    email version


Is it reasonable to rescind labor relations with employees on the ground of "bottom-out" system?


Is it reasonable for the company to rescind the labor contract with employees on the ground of “bottom-out” system?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:新入职员工须持入职当日前3日内核酸检测阴性证明

    Beijing: Newly employed employees have to hold a negative certificate of nucleic acid testing within 3 days before induction


    Recently, Xu Hejian, vice minister of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee, chairman of Information Office of Municipal Government, and press secretary of Municipal Government, has stated that, starting from the day, amid the period of prevention and control against NCP Outbreak, all newly employed employees have to hold a negative certificate of nucleic acid testing within 3 days prior to the day of induction (included) by providing a hardcopy of support document or showing the nucleic acid testing screen on “Beijing Jian Kang Bao” App.

  • 拼多多:22岁员工猝死 上海劳动监察部门已介入调查!

    Pinduoduo: A 22-year-old employee died a sudden death, causing Shanghai Labor Supervision Department to initiate investigation


    As reported recently, a 22-year-old female employee working in the grocery-shopping business unit of Pingduoduo, Xinjiang Region perished through ineffective rescue after a sudden collapse on her way home after overtime work in the wee hours. Hereto, the Labor Security Supervision Brigade of Changning District, Shanghai expressed they had conducted an investigation into the employment condition of Pingduoduo with respect to its employment contracts, employment hours and other information.

  • 百度:发放“U奖金” 入职满2年可获得12月月基薪的50%

    Baidu: Granting “U bonus” to those who have been employed for 2 full years can receive 50% of the monthly basic salary of December

    近日,据报道,百度发内部邮件称,向过去两年与公司同呼吸共命运、并愿意继续共同奋斗的百度人,发放一笔特别的“U奖金”,发放对象为司龄满2年且愿意在百度持续贡献的所有正式员工,发放金额为2020年12月的月基薪的 50%。

    As reported recently, Baidu has sent an internal mail claiming that it would grant a special “U bonus” to the people of Baidu who have shared their breath and fate with the company over the past two years and will continue working hard together. The granting is specially for all the regular employees who have served for 2 full years and will stay devoted to Baidu. The amount to be granted accounts for 50% of the monthly basic salary of December 2020.

  • 谷歌:员工宣布成立工会 与管理层紧张关系升级

    Google: Employees proclaimed the foundation of a labor union, the relation with the management tightens further

    近日,据报道,谷歌及其母公司Alphabet的员工宣布,已成立一个工会“Alphabet Workers Union”,将关注员工薪酬、员工分类以及谷歌所从事的各种工作等问题。分析人士称,这加剧了谷歌工人和管理层多年来的对抗,同时也会在整个硅谷引发类似的努力。

    As reported recently, employees of Google and its parent company Alphabet have proclaimed they have founded a labor union “Alphabet Workers Union” which will be focused on employees’ salary, employee classification, all kinds of jobs engaged in by Google, and other issues. Analysts claim this has intensified the confrontation between Google’s workers and management over years and will also trigger similar endeavors throughout Silicon Valley as whole.

  • 14%


    As reported recently, Shenzhen Social Insurance Bureau has officially published the latest social insurance premium payment standard. It has specified that, starting from January 2021 the proportion of endowment insurance payment contributed by organization shall be raised from 13% to 14%.

  • 15.4万


    As reported recently, data show that Wanda Group created jobs in service industry for over 154 thousand people in total all throughout 2020, over 78 thousand of whom were undergraduates accounting for approximately 1.3% of urban added jobs nationwide.

  • 79608


    As reported recently, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan claims the number of people who were dismissed or no longer employed in relation to the spread of NCP Outbreak might have been as high as 79,608 throughout 2020.

  • 2300


    As reported recently, Commercial Bank of Germany expresses it will take 610 million euros (approximately equivalent to 4.87 billion CNY) to cover the cost of reorganization by the fourth quarter. Before this bank had reached an agreement with the labor-capital committee on its staff reduction plan which was predicted to involve 2,300 positions.

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