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#410  Mar 26, 2021    email version


Shall the salary during training period count towards the training costs?


Shall the salary during training period be deemed as part of the training costs, and can it count towards the penal sum?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:督促国企扩大招聘毕业生规模

    MOHRSS: Urge state-owned enterprises to enlarge recruitment of graduates


    As reported recently, the MOHRSS has printed and issued a Notice on Making Good Preparations for the Employment and Entrepreneurship of Graduates from Nationwide Colleges and Universities of 2021. The Notice points out that the MOHRSS will join efforts with relevant departments to urge state-owned enterprises to fulfill the requirements of enlarging recruitment of graduates and making recruitment public, so as to accelerate the completion of recruitment expansion task.

  • 广东:拟提高高温津贴标准

    Guangdong: Boost the high-temperature allowance standard


    As reported recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province announces that the Notice on Regulating the High-temperature Allowance Standard in Guangdong Province (Exposure Draft) is seeking public opinions from society towards the plan of boosting the high-temperature allowance standard in Guangdong Province to 300 CNY per capita per month. According to information, the prevailing high-temperature allowance standard is 150 CNY per capita per month.

  • 亚马逊:意大利员工举行大规模罢工 要求提供新冠疫情补贴

    Amazon: Mass strike came off among employees in Italy claiming for COVID-19 subsidy


    As reported recently, employees and deliverymen in some Italy-based warehouses of Amazon Company waged a strike on 22nd, requiring sitting down for a negotiation and discussion on a variety of issues ranging from work shfit to working pace to professional security. The employees also claimed for an epidemic subsidy in areas stricken by frequent outbreaks of COVID-19.

  • Uber:宣布把英国网约车司机转为正式员工

    Uber: Announce to transform UK’s online car-hailing drivers into regular employees


    As reported recently, Uber has announced its decision to treat UK’s online car-hailing drivers as regular employees who will optionally enjoy minimum wage assurance, paid leave and other welfares. The minimum hourly salary for Uber drivers in the UK will reach USD 12.11.

  • 2000


    As reported recently, Shaanxi Provincial General Labor Union has promulgated Opinions on Enhancing the Work on Recreation for Workers in Shaanxi Province, guiding and encouraging province-wide enterprises and public institutions to actively carry out recreation activities among workers. Recreation expenditure standard is 2000 CNY at minimum per capita per year.

  • 20000


    As reported recently, construction of Ape Tutoring Science Park has commenced in Wuhan. As revealed by insiders, the project is estimated to address the employment of approximately 20 thousand people after being built up.

  • 8.6万


    As reported recently, Ford Motor Company expresses it will allow approximately 86 thousand employees on non-production positions worldwide to choose a work-from-home and work-in-office combined flexible working style.

  • 2.55亿


    As reported recently, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development points out, once in 2020 the outbreak of COVID-19 caused a population of 255 million full-time workers to become unemployed worldwide, leading the global economy to decline by 3.9%.

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