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If a labor contract is partially invalid, may an employee deem the labor contract was not concluded and clam double pay?


In case of defects in the labor contract between an employer and an employee, may the employee deem the contract invalid and claim double pay?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 深圳:出台全国首个防治性骚扰行为指南

    Shenzhen: Released first guideline on preventing sexual harassment in China


    Reportedly, nine departments including Shenzhen Women’s Federation and Shenzhen Education Bureau jointly issued the Guideline on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Shenzhen, clarifying the main contents of the establishment of a sexual harassment prevention system by agencies, enterprises, schools and other units. It specifically includes public commitments, internal complaint procedures and disciplinary measures such as transfer, demotion, dismissal and blacklisting.

  • 麦当劳中国:为员工全资提供百万医疗保险

    McDonald’s China: Provide million-yuan medical insurance plan for employees


    As reported recently, McDonald’s China has launched the "Golden Sunshine Plan", an industry-leading employee medical insurance, which brings all full-time employees of the directly-operated stores nationwide under the million-yuan insurance coverage. Allegedly, the "Golden Sunshine Plan" also benefits the families of full-time employees, and family members can participate in the insurance plan at the same price and enjoy the same million-yuan medical insurance.

  • 花旗CEO:将禁止员工在周五打内部视频电话 制定“花旗重置日”

    Citigroup CEO: Employees will be prohibited from making internal video calls on Friday, and "Citi Reset Day” will be set up

    近日,据报道,花旗集团首席执行官Jane Fraser告诉员工,她将禁止员工在周五打内部视频电话,鼓励员工为更健康的工作和生活平衡划定界限,并制定了一个全公司范围的假日,称为“花旗重置日”(Citi Reset Day)。

    Recently, it’s reported that Jane Fraser, CEO of Citigroup, told employees that she would ban employees from making internal video calls on Friday for the purpose of encouraging employees to draw boundaries for a healthier work-life balance. Therefore, a company-wide holiday named Citi Reset Day will be set up.

  • 沃尔沃:宣布全球实施24周带薪育儿假 无论性别

    Volvo: Announced the global implementation of 24-week paid parental leave regardless of gender


    As reported recently, Volvo has announced that it will extend the paid parental leave for employees all over the world to 24 weeks, regardless of gender. Employees who have served in the company for a full year, whether hourly-paid or full-time employee, are entitled to the benefits of this policy.

  • 72.22万


    Recently, Liepin Institute of Talents and Organization Development released a survey report involving a group of senior executives. The results show that the average annual pay of the surveyed senior executives in Shanghai is about 722,200 yuan, and the age of job seekers for senior executives is mainly under 40 years old, accounting for 67.15%.

  • 4.5%


    Reportedly, the German Service Trade Union (Verdi) has recently called on Amazon’s workers at six sites in Germany to go on strike for four days, and demanded the employers in the German retail and mail-order industries to give their employees a pay raise of 4.5%.

  • 1.14亿


    It is reported that the United Nations recently released a report showing that the COVID-19 epidemic has made the global economy experience the worst recession in the past 90 years. It is estimated that 114 million jobs will be lost globally, and about 120 million people will fall into extreme poverty.

  • 1465

    近日,英国连锁百货John Lewis宣布,将再关闭8家门店,剩余的34家会从4月12日起恢复营业,约1465名员工将受到影响,公司目前正在与他们进行磋商。

    Recently, John Lewis, a British chain department store, announced that it will close another 8 stores, putting 1,465 jobs at risk, and the remaining 34 stores will resume operations from April 12th. The company is currently negotiating with them.

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