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#414  Apr 23, 2021    email version


Shall a triple salary be granted for arranging employees on duty during statutory holidays?


Given that the company is engaged in hazardous chemical business, the company’s leaders shall be arranged on duty against emergency during statutory holidays and other long holidays every year as required by the Emergency Management Bureau. Can such duty be deemed as overtime? Shall a triple salary be paid for overtime?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 浙江:用人单位参保职工的退休缴费年限统一为二十年

    Zhejiang: The pension contribution period of insured employees is set at 20 years uniformly


    Recently, it’s reported that the press conference on Zhejiang Medical Security Regulations was held in Hangzhou the other day. These regulations are China’s first comprehensive local bylaw in the field of medical security, which will be officially implemented from July 1 this year. The pension contribution period of insured employees is set at 20 years uniformly.

  • 贵阳:相关单位可“降缴缓缴”公积金 比例降至5%以下

    Guiyang: Relevant employers may be eligible for "reduced and deferred contribution" to housing provident fund at less than 5%


    Recently, it’s reported that Guiyang city, Guizhou province has issued the Administrative Measures of Guiyang City for Reducing Housing Provident Fund Contribution Ratio and Deferring Contribution to Housing Provident Fund, which specified clearly that from May 1, employers that meet relevant conditions may apply for reducing the housing provident fund contribution ratio of employers and employees or deferring contribution to the housing provident fund, and the contribution ratio could be reduced to less than 5% but more than 2% (inclusive).

  • Facebook:员工可以继续远程工作 但可能面临降薪

    Facebook: Employees can continue to work remotely but may face pay cuts


    Recently, it’s reported that Apple, Google, among other companies, were planning to require employees to return to the office when the COVID-19 pandemic subsided gradually. Facebook said it would support employees to continue to work from home, and that there would be some eligible roles and some ineligible roles, all subject to the management’s approval. Besides, remote employees may also face pay cuts.

  • 麦当劳:计划对全球3.9万家门店进行反骚扰培训

    McDonald’s: Planning to provide anti-harassment training in 39,000 stores around the world


    Recently, it’s reported that McDonald’s would require its entire chain comprising 39,000 stores to provide anti-harassment training and to prevent workplace violence. Reportedly, its chain stores and franchise stores will start the compulsory training in January 2022.

  • 4.5%


    Recently, it’s reported that the MOHRSS and MOF issued a notice, with effect from January 1, 2021, to raise the basic old-age pension for retirees of enterprises and public institutions who have gone through retirement procedures according to relevant regulations before the end of 2020 and have received the basic old-age pension on a monthly basis. The overall raise would be 4.5% compared with the monthly per capita basic old-age pension of 2020.

  • 20万


    Recently, it’s reported that Qi Jie, president of Wanda Group, announced that Wanda Group would launch the "Spring Breeze Campaign 2021" to ensure 200,000 new jobs in the service sector throughout the year, over 100,000 of which would be available to college graduates.

  • 2300


    Recently, it’s reported that Citigroup has planned to hire about 2,300 employees in Hong Kong and Singapore, including 1,100 private bankers and account managers and 1,200 technical and operational personnel. This is part of the bank’s goal to increase its Asian clients’assets under management from about USD 300 billion at present to USD 450 billion by 2025.

  • 3000


    Recently, it’s reported that BBVA, a Spanish banking giant, announced that it has planned to lay off more than 3,000 employees, or about 10% of its headcount. These layoffs will involve the bank’s core business departments and major outlets.

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