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#415  Apr 30, 2021    email version

已享受停工留薪期的工伤职工,能否再享受带薪年休假 ?

May an employee sustaining work-related injury and having enjoyed the suspension-of-work-with-pay period be entitled to paid annual leave?


After taking more than 15 days off due to work-related injury, may an employees still be entitled to paid annual leave in the same year?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:5月1日起 统一全市城乡劳动者失业保险政策

    Beijing: The city will unify unemployment insurance policies for urban and rural employees from May 1


    Recently, it’s reported that Beijing issued the Notice on Unifying Unemployment Insurance Policies for Urban and Rural Employees, which decided that from May 1, the contract peasant-workers recruited by employers would pay unemployment insurance premiums at the same rate as urban employees. In addition, the rate at which employers and employees contribute to unemployment insurance respectively will decline from 8:2 to 5:5.

  • 广东:5月1日起 实施省级统筹工伤保险费率标准

    Guangdong: To implement work-related injury insurance rate standard under provincial-level co-ordination from May 1


    Recently, it’s reported that Guangdong Province issued the Notice on Implementing the Industry Benchmark Rate Standards for Provincial-level Co-ordination of Work-related Injury Insurance, and decided to implement the industry benchmark rate standard for work-related injury insurance under provincial-level co-ordination from May 1, 2021. At the same time, from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022, the insured units in the province will reduce the work-related injury insurance rate by 50% uniformly stage by stage.

  • 梨视频:传大规模裁员 或涉及1/3员工

    Pear Video: Alleged massive layoffs may involve 1/3 workforce


    Reportedly, the source said recently Pear Video was laying off employees massively. According to it, the layoffs involves about one-third of the workforce, including senior management positions such as vice president and deputy editor-in-chief.

  • 富士康:大砍威斯康星投资计划 1.3万岗位仅余十分之一

    Foxconn: To slash Wisconsin investment plan to only one tenth of 13,000 jobs


    Recently, it’s reported that Foxconn and Wisconsin announced that they had reached an updated investment agreement, whereby Foxconn would drastically reduce its investment plan in this state, with the investment amount reducing to USD 6.72 billion, down 30%, and the number of new jobs is expected to decrease from 13,000 to 1,454.

  • 3684万


    Recently, it’s reported that the Report on New Jobs and New Posts in Digital Employment released by China Academy for Information and Communication Technology showed that the WeChat ecosystem composed of WeChat official account, applet, video account, WeChat payment and enterprise WeChat created 36.84 million employment opportunities in 2020, up 24.4% year on year.

  • 3000


    Recently, it’s reported that Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu Automobile Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Baidu and Geely, said in an exclusive interview that the JV planned to recruit 2,500-3,000 employees in the next two to three years, including 400-500 software engineers.

  • 20000


    Recently, it’s reported that Apple announced that it would invest more than USD 1 billion in North Carolina, and began to consider the construction of a new park and engineering center in the triangle area. In the next 5 years, Apple will invest USD 430 billion in the United States and create 20,000 new jobs nationwide.

  • 200万


    Recently, it’s reported that the Supreme Court of South Korea upheld the ruling of the lower court to impose a fine of KRW 2 million on Kim Soo Cheon, former CEO of Asiana Airlines, for his refusal to allow female employees to take "menstrual leave" under the Employment Law. Reportedly, Kim Soo Cheon rejected totally 138 leave applications of 15 flight attendants in 2014 and 2015, and was sued in 2017.

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