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#416  May 08, 2021    email version


How shall the overtime pay be calculated under different work schedules?


How shall the overtime pay be calculated under standard working hour system, comprehensive working hour system, and flexible working hour system respectively?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:率先取消高校毕业生入职重复体检

    Beijing: take the lead in exempting college graduates from repeated physical examinations for induction


    Recently, it’s reported that Beijing issued the Notice on Further Simplifying Employment Procedures and Improving Employment Services for Beijing College Graduates, which made it clear that all higher education institutions would cancel graduation physical examination, and all employees, including graduates, need not take repeated physical examinations. The validity period of routine physical examination for induction is six months, during which each employer can recognize and share physical examination results mutually. Besides specific items, an employer shall not require employees to take repeated physical examinations.

  • 阿里巴巴:冻结2021年高管加薪给普通员工更大涨薪幅度

    Alibaba: freeze pay rise for senior officers in 2021 and give ordinary employees a higher pay rise


    Recently, it’s reported that Alibaba Group froze pay rise for senior officers in 2021, and instead gave ordinary employees a higher pay rise to retain talent. Alibaba said to the media in a statement that “we have a sound and competitive salary system in place, which reflects our priorities in cultivating the next generation of talent."

  • 国泰航空:推出自愿离职计划 员工最多可获6个月工资赔偿

    Cathay Pacific Airways: launch the voluntary turnover plan, according to which employees could get up to 6 months ’ salary compensation


    Recently, it’s reported that Cathay Pacific Airways launched a voluntary turnover plan for its employees, and the application deadline was May 12. According to the plan, employees can get compensation of up to 6 months’wages. In addition, some benefits will be extended, including extending housing benefits for two months, medical benefits for one month, free Cathay Pacific air tickets for one year, etc.

  • 德意志银行:正在拟定计划 员工每周最多可以弹性工作三天

    Deutsche Bank: it is planning to allow employees to work flexibly for up to three days a week


    Recently, it’s reported that Deutsche Bank is working out a plan to allow its employees to work from home for up to three days a week. The chief financial officer of Deutsche Bank said in an interview that the bank was trying to provide more flexibility for employees under mixed work schedule.

  • 2180元


    Recently, it’s reported that Tianjin Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued the Notice on Adjusting the Minimum Wage Standard of Tianjin, which clearly adjusted the monthly minimum wage standard from CNY 2,050 to CNY 2,180 and the hourly minimum wage standard for part-time employees from CNY 20.8 to CNY 22.6. The Notice will be implemented as of July 1, 2021.

  • 90万


    Recently, it’s reported that Tencent announced the launch of Housing Plan Plus. After this adjustment, Tencent employees can apply for an interest-free loan of up to CNY 900,000 from the company to purchase the first house in their work place or social security contribution place.

  • 10亿美元

    近日,据报道,亚马逊全球人力资源副总裁Darcie Henry表示,将给50多万美国业务员工的时薪提高50美分至3美元不等。他称,将花费超过10亿美元为这些工人增加工资。加薪将从今年五月中旬到今年六月初开始生效。

    Recently, it’s reported that Darcie Henry, vice president of global human resources at Amazon, said that the hourly wage for more than 500,000 of its American sales personnel would rise by 50 cents to 3 dollars. He said it would cost more than USD 1 billion to raise wages for these workers. The pay rise will take effect from mid-May to early June this year.

  • 100亿美元


    Recently, it’s reported that Intel, an American chip giant, announced that it would invest an additional USD 600 million to expand its R&D department in Israel, and confirmed that it would spend USD 10 billion to build a new chip factory there. Intel said that this "super large chip design" facility was estimated to accommodate 6,000 employees.

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