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How shall the case be handled that an early retired person has a labor dispute with the new employer?


How shall the labor dispute be handled between an early retired person and his/her new employer?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 上海:6月起可提前申报2021年度住房公积金缴存基数

    Shanghai:Contribution Base of 2021 housing provident fund may be declared in advance from June on


    As reported recently, Shanghai Housing Provident Fund Management Center announces, with immediate effect, each organization may declare its contribution base of 2021 housing provident fund in advance via the platform Single Sign-on Government Online-Offline Shanghai. After the upper and lower limits of the monthly contribution amount of 2021 housing provident fund are released to the public, the system will automatically calculate the monthly contribution amount according to employees’ monthly average salary reported by organizations and complete the adjustment of the contribution base of 2021.

  • 腾讯:光子工作室强制不加班双休 鼓励员工劳逸结合

    Tencent:Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group enforces two-day weekend without overtime to encourage employees to balance work and rest


    As reported recently, Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group of Tencent IEG has promoted relevant measures and will enforce going off duty at 6:00 pm on a trial basis. Furthermore, full two-day weekend is implemented in strict accordance to the schedule of statutory holidays of the state. Hereto, the relevant person-in-charge of Tencent IEG expresses this system aims to encourage employees to balance work and rest, so as to further boost work efficiency, pay higher attention to physical and mental health, and save more time to spend with their families.

  • 华为:海思坚持研发尖端半导体 无法生产也不会裁员

    Huawei:Hisilicon keeps developing cutting-edge semiconductors and would not downsize the staff even unable to produce


    As reported recently, Li Fang, director of Huawei, claims the Hisilicon department would not make any decision on reorganization or downsizing. She reveals the staff size of Hisilicon exceeded 7000 in 2020, which will pose a severe financial burden to Huawei. But Huawei is privately held and immune to external powers. Even TSMC is unable to produce, Hisilicon Huawei will keep developing semiconductors.

  • 韩国:快递工会启动无限期总罢工

    South Korea:Express delivery labor union launches undated general strike


    As reported recently, 2000 and more members of the national express delivery labor union of South Korea has held a resolution congress on general strike at Comprehensive Logistics Center of Seoul. They urges express companies to strictly implement the work separation of mail sorting from distribution and to practice countermeasures to prevent overwork death at once. As reported, the labor union has decided to have an undated general strike from the day on based on 4901 affirmative votes (92.3%).

  • 1亿


    As reported recently, National Healthcare Security Administration has released a Statistical Communique on National Healthcare Security Business Development of 2020. Data indicate 108.353 million people participated in long-term care insurance, with 835 thousand people enjoying the benefit, in 2020.

  • 2320


    As reported recently, starting from August 1, the monthly minimum wage standard of Beijing will be adjusted from 2,200 CNY to 2,320 CNY. Hourly minimum wage standard for non-full-time practitioners will be adjusted to 25.3 CNY and to 59 CNY on statutory holidays.

  • 130110


    As reported recently, the Statistics Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality claims that the annual average wage of employees in urban non-private organizations in Guangzhou was 130110 CNY in 2020, a nominal year-on-year growth of 8.9%. The annual average wage of on-post employees was 135138 CNY, a nominal year-on-year growth of 9.4%. The annual average wage of employees in urban private organizations was 68826 CNY, a nominal year-on-year decline of 0.1%.

  • 60000


    As reported recently, Meituan plans to recruit 60 thousand new people in 2021. These 60 thousand people are mainly needed for logistics, sales promotion and other basic positions and will serve for communal group buy, Meituan Youxuan, B2B catering supply chain and Kuailv.

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