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#424  Jul 02, 2021    email version


Can clock-in/out records on DingTalk serve as evidence of overtime?


Can the clock-in/out records on DingTalk, as one of the ways of attendance record, become evidence to decide whether an employee coincides with the circumstance of overtime?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 深圳:调整2021年医保及生育保险缴费基数和待遇偿付基数

    Shenzhen: Adjust the contribution base and benefit payment base of medical insurance and maternity insurance in 2021


    As reported recently, Healthcare Security Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality announced that from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, the contribution base and benefit payment base of medical insurance and maternity insurance in Shenzhen will be calculated based on the standard of 11,620 yuan/month if the average monthly salary of employees over the previous year is concerned.

  • 广州:住房公积金缴存比例有变

    Guangzhou: Change the contribution ratio of housing provident fund


    It is recently reported that Guangzhou issued the Notice on the Adjustment of Housing Provident Fund Contribution in 2021, requiring all contributing entities to adjust the contribution base of housing provident fund for the 2021-2022 year as of July, 1st. The contribution base should be no less than the current minimum wage standard of Guangzhou, namely 2,100 yuan, and no more than 3 times the average monthly salary of employees in 2020, namely 33,786 yuan.

  • 快手:宣布7月起将取消大小周

    Kuaishou: Announced that the system of big and small weeks would be canceled from July


    Reportedly, Kuaishou has recently announced that it would cancel the system of big and small weeks from July 1, and employees would work overtime as required. The company would pay overtime wages to employees according to relevant regulations. It is learned that the system of big and small weeks is called "Focus Day” in Kuaishou, which started trial operation in January this year, and it was decided to cancel the Focus Day after half a year of trial operation.

  • 日本软银:大规模裁员 全球首台有人类感情机器人停产

    Softbank: Started mass layoffs and discontinued the world’s first robot with human feelings


    Reportedly, Softbank has recently laid off half of its employees in robot sales business in the US and UK, and its employees of robot business in Japan have been redeployed. What’s more, Softbank plans to cut half of its employees in France in September. It is learned that Pepper, the so-called world’s first humanoid robot with human feelings, has also been discontinued.

  • 5000万


    It is recently reported that Shenzhen issued the Implementation Measures for Encouraging High-quality Development of Headquarters Enterprises in Shenzhen, making it clear that starting from July, the pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics will reward enterprises that set up headquarters in Shenzhen, and enterprises that meet certain requirements can enjoy a number of support such as settlement award, contribution award, house rent and purchase subsidy, with a total subsidy of up to CNY 50 million.

  • 2590


    It is recently reported that Shanghai will adjust the minimum wage standard from July 1, 2021. The minimum monthly wage standard will be adjusted from 2,480 yuan to 2,590 Yuan, with a rise of 110 yuan. The minimum hourly wage standard will see a rise from 22 yuan to 23 yuan.

  • 500万


    Reportedly, FRD has recently announced that it planned to provide financial support for the first-time home purchase loan of no more than 5 million yuan (no more than 200,000 yuan per head) to employees who are eligible for application conditions and willing to be transferred to FRD Industrial Park of Jintan Hualuogeng High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Changzhou before December 31, 2021.

  • 700


    It is recently reported that Hong Kong Airlines announced that it would lay off another 700 employees. In addition, from June to December this year, the pay cut of Hong Kong Airlines executives would be raised from the current 15% to 36% (depending on individual ranks). The unpaid leave plan for employees at the level of deputy general manager or above would continue to be extended, and the pay cut would be higher than that of the current plan.

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