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#425  Jul 09, 2021    email version


Can the labor contract with an employee be rescinded for fighting and brawling?


In this case, was Zheng's fight with the job foreman of the workshop serious enough to warrant termination of his labor contract?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广州:全市国企全年招聘高校毕业生数量须达职工总数3%以上

    Guangzhou: The number of college graduates recruited by state-owned enterprises across the city must account for more than 3% of the total staff


    Recently, Guangzhou reportedly issued the Special Activity Scheme for College Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship in Guangzhou 2021. It’s proposed that the number of college graduates recruited by state-owned enterprises (including cultural and financial state-owned enterprises) across the city must account for more than 3% of the total staff, namely no less than 10,000 in total.

  • 上海:调整住房公积金缴存基数、比例以及月缴存额上下限

    Shanghai: Adjust the upper and lower limits for the contribution base, contribution ratio and monthly contribution amount of the housing provident fund


    Recently, it’s reported that Shanghai issued the Notice specifying that the maximum contribution bases of Shanghai housing provident fund and supplementary housing provident fund in 2021 shall not exceed CNY 31,014, and the minimum shall not be less than CNY 2,480; and the housing provident fund contribution ratios of the employee and the employer shall be 5%~7% respectively. Where the employee and the employer contribute to the housing provident fund at 7% each, the corresponding upper limit of the monthly contribution amount shall be CNY 4,342, and the lower limit of the same shall be CNY 348.

  • 小米:奖励青年工程师约7000万股、技术人才约1.2亿股

    Xiaomi: Grant young engineers about 70 million shares and technical talents about 120 million shares


    Recently, it’s reported that the board of directors of Xiaomi Group granted a total of 70,232,000 Xiaomi shares worth CNY 1.5 billion to 3,904 employees according to young engineer incentive plan. In addition, 119,650,000 Xiaomi shares worth about HK$ 3.1 billion in total were granted to 122 people, including technical experts, first candidates for new decade entrepreneur program, and the middle and top-level management.

  • 上汽集团:每年有一定比例的干部将被“末位淘汰”

    SAIC: A certain proportion of cadres will be eliminated according to the “bottom-out” system every year


    Recently, it’s reported that Chen Hong, chairman of SAIC Group, revealed that the cadre incentive, restraint and withdrawal mechanisms will be comprehensively strengthened, with the floating incentive pay constituting the majority of their income; and, every year, a certain proportion of cadres will be eliminated according to the “bottom-out” system.

  • 5000万


    Recently, it’s reported that the MOHRSS issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Human Resources and Social Security Course. The Plan proposes the goal to create more than 50 million new jobs in urban areas during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

  • 418308


    Recently, it’s reported that Shenzhen Tax Service, State Taxation Administration issued the Notice on Adjusting the Pre-tax Deduction and Exemption Standards for Individual Income Tax in Shenzhen 2021, stipulating that the tax exemption standard for one-off compensation income obtained due to dissolution of labor relations between individuals and employers in Shenzhen will be adjusted to CNY 418,308 (inclusive).

  • 124056

    近日,据报道,上海市人社局消息明确,该市2020年度全口径城镇单位就业人员平均工资为124056元(10338元/月),比上年增长7.9%。据此, 7月起,社保缴费基数的上限调整为31014元/月。因疫情影响,社保缴费基数下限将分两年过渡到位,自今年7月起调整为5975元/月。

    Recently, it’s reported that Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released a message suggesting that the average wage of employed persons in all urban units across the city in 2020 was CNY 124,056 (CNY 10,338/month), up 7.9% compared with the previous year. Accordingly, the upper limit of the social security contribution base will be adjusted to CNY 31,014/month from July. Due to the pandemic effect, the lower limit of social security contribution base will be subject to a two-year transition, and will be adjusted to CNY 5,975/month from this July.

  • 25000


    Recently, it’s reported that United Airlines is ready to launch a large-scale recruitment plan. New positions are mainly created in several major aviation hubs, including more than 5,000 new employees in Newark, 4,000 employees in San Francisco and 3,000 employees in Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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