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#427  Jul 23, 2021    email version


How to identify the failure to pay labor remuneration in full and in time?


Does the company's delay in paying for 17 days constitute failure to pay labor remuneration in full and in time? Shall the claim for economic compensation be supported?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国家卫健委:5月31日后均可生三孩 享受国家法定产假98天

    National Health Commission: Allow each couple to have up to three children from May 31, eligible for 98-day national statutory maternity leave


    Recently, it’s reported that the General Office of the People’s Government of Tibet Autonomous Region explicitly mentioned in its online response to the application for three-child birth permit that each couple would be allowed to have up to three children from May 31, 2021, after asking instructions from relevant departments under the National Health Commission. A woman who gives birth to three children is eligible for the 98-day national statutory maternity leave (according to the national policy).

  • 香港:雇主雇用非法劳工最高可监禁10年

    Hong Kong: Employers who hire illegal workers may be imprisoned for up to 10 years


    Recently, it’s reported that the Hong Kong SAR Government announced that the Immigration (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 would come into effect on August 1. According to the newly amended Immigration Ordinance, if an employer hires a person who cannot be legally employed, namely any person who immigrates illegally, overstays or is refused entry, the maximum penalty will increase significantly from the original fine of HK$ 350,000 and 3-year imprisonment to a fine of HK$ 500,000 and a 10-year imprisonment.

  • 阿里:史上最大规模校招 向应届生开放113种岗位

    Alibaba: The largest campus recruitment campaign in history offers 113 kinds of positions to fresh graduates


    Recently, it’s reported that Alibaba formally launched the campus recruitment campaign for the class of 2022 fresh graduates, and would offer 113 kinds of positions to fresh graduates, among which 45 would be available to fresh graduates for the first time. Besides, Alibaba would also offer non-technical posts to fresh graduates on a large scale for the first time, and the non-technical posts offered during this campus recruitment period would account for more than half of all posts.

  • 美团优选:取消“大小周” 本周起立即执行

    Meituan Selected: Cancel the “Longer and Shorter Weekdays" immediately from this week


    Recently, it’s reported that Meituan’s community-based group buying business "Meituan Selected" announced the cancellation of “Longer and Shorter Weekdays” as a system of alternate 5 and 6 working days a week, which was implemented immediately this week. It’s reported that Meituan Selected started implementing longer and shorter weekdays from this March. According to it, employees who worked overtime on Saturdays might get double pay.

  • 37840


    Recently, it’s reported that Beijing released the 2021 statistics. The statistics show that the average wage of employees in Beijing-based legal entities is CNY 151,360 in 2020. According to it, the calculated severance pay cap base of Beijing employers is CNY 37,840 in 2021. The individual income tax exemption cap for severance pay for dissolution of labor contract is CNY 454,080.

  • 9464


    Recently, it’s reported that Guangdong formally launched the recruitment campaign with public institutions providing positions to fresh college graduates in a centralized and open manner in 2021. It’s reported that more than 20,000 permanent positions would be available during this recruitment campaign. This year, public institutions supply a total of 9,464 positions in 9 mainland cities across Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, also open to Hong Kong and Macao youths, which means fresh graduates from Hong Kong and Macao may apply for positions in mainland public institutions in all sectors.

  • 11亿


    Recently, it’s reported that Tencent announced that it would grant a total of 2,403,203 incentive shares to no less than 3,300 employees under the equity incentive plan. According to the closing price of Tencent stock at HK$ 556.5 that day, the 2.4 million Tencent shares are worth about CNY 1.114 billion. Each employee may get CNY 337,500 on average if such shares are divided by 3,300.

  • 1.25亿


    Recently, it’s reported that the US federal jury ordered Wal-Mart to pay USD 125 million for dismissing Marlo Spaeth, a Down syndrome employee who had worked for Wal-Mart for 16 years.

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