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May a company dock wages when if an employee leaves the company without handover?


May an employer dock wage if an employee fails to complete the work handover?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:调整社保缴费工资基数上下限

    Beijing: Adjust the upper and lower limits of social security contribution base


    As reported recently, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Beijing Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau issued the Notice on the Upper and Lower Limits of Wage Bases for Social Security Contributions in 2021, clarifying that the upper and lower limits of five social security contribution bases are unified, with the upper limit adjusted to 28,221 yuan and the lower limit adjusted to 5,360 yuan.

  • 深圳:年终奖或可纳入公积金基数

    Shenzhen: Year-end bonus may be included in the housing provident fund base


    Reportedly, the Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Management of Housing Provident Fund (Draft) is recently soliciting opinions from the general public. The Regulations set up a voluntary deposit mechanism of the housing provident fund, that is, other units and their employees, individual businesses and flexible employees can voluntarily deposit, withdraw housing provident fund and apply for housing provident fund loans according to the regulations. Meanwhile, the Regulations encourage units to include year-end bonus, quarterly bonus and other labor remuneration into the calculation of contribution base of housing provident fund.

  • 上海:住房公积金提高无房租赁月提取限额

    Shanghai: Housing provident fund raises the monthly withdrawal limit for rent payment by houseless workers


    Recently, it was reported that Shanghai reviewed and approved the Notice on Adjusting the Monthly Withdrawal Limit for Rent Payment from the Housing Provident Fund by Employees in Shanghai, clarifying that if the houses rented by employees are not within the scope of online signing for filing, the monthly withdrawal amount of each household (including single-person household) shall not exceed the actual rent expenditure of the current month, and the maximum monthly withdrawal limit shall be adjusted from 2,000 yuan to 2,500 yuan.

  • 阿里:业务总裁和HRG引咎辞职 涉嫌男员工被辞退永不录用

    Alibaba: Business president and HRG took the blame and resigned, and the suspected male employee was fired and will never be rehired


    As reported recently, Zhang Yong, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba, announced the staged internal investigation result and handling decision on the incident of "female employee being violated" on Alibaba’s Intranet: Li Yonghe, president of Alibaba’s Neighborhood Retail Business Group, and HRG Xu Kun took the blame and resigned, and Tong Wenhong, CHRO of Alibaba, received a demerit. The male employee accused of sexual assault was fired and will never be rehired.

  • 30天


    As reported recently, according to the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, those who have given birth to three children after May 31 (inclusive) will be entitled to 30 days of maternity incentive leave in addition to the maternity leave prescribed by the state, and their spouses will be granted 15 days of paternity leave.

  • 500万


    Reportedly, Shenzhen has recently issued the Guidelines for Applying for Financial Subsidies of Personal Income Tax for Overseas High-end Talents and Urgently-needed Talents in Shenzhen in 2020. It’s clarified that in the 2020 tax year, the amount of tax paid by the applicant in Shenzhen minus the calculated tax amount will be the amount of individual income tax subsidy that the applicant can apply for, and the subsidy is exempt from individual income tax. The maximum amount of individual income tax subsidy is 5 million yuan.

  • 4亿


    As reported recently, Brenda, president of the World Economic Forum, said that“before 2030, reducing carbon dioxide emissions can create about 400 million new jobs and a commercial value of 10 trillion US dollars.”

  • 50%


    Recently, it is reported that ByteDance’s education brand Dali Education is undergoing a new round of adjustment. Guagualong, which provides AI animation courses, starts to lay off tutors, and plans to cut more than 50% by the end of August.

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