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#431  Aug 20, 2021    email version


Is it legal that a company recovers call records as evidence from an employee’s mobile phone for work?


Shall calls in a mobile phone for work involved with the illegal transfer of orders be considered as secret information? Shall call data be recovered subject to employees’ consent? How should the company behave to a reasonable extent?

  • 司机是否应当发放高温津贴?
  • Shall drivers be granted with high-temperature allowance?
  • 公司一名货车司机主张应给自己发高温津贴,公司认为他的车内有空调,并且今年6月并没有出现高温天气,请问公司是否应当给司机发放高温津贴?
  • A truck driver of a company claimed granting himself with high-temperature allowance. However, the company believed there was an air conditioner in his vehicle. Plus, there was no high-temperature weather in this June. Shall the company grant high-temperature allowance to the driver, please?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广东:10月起 延长产假天数

    Guangdong: Increase the number of days of maternity leave up from October


    As reported recently, Guangdong Province has released the Regulations on Birth Insurance for Workers of Guangdong Province, specifying the contents that the number of days of maternity leave for female workers after termination of pregnancy will be extended, that birth insurance premium and workers’ basic medical insurance premium shall be contributed in combination, that medical cost of trans-provincial nonlocal birth shall be settled directly, and that the time limit of application for medical cost of birth shall be extended to three years. The Regulations will be implemented up from October 1, 2021.

  • 天津:率先将三孩生育费用纳入医疗保障

    Tianjin: First include third child’s birth expense in medical security


    As reported recently, Tianjin Municipal Healthcare Security Administration is the first to issue the Notice on Supporting Birth Insurance under the Third-child Policy at provincial level nationwide. According to the Notice, starting from May 31, 2021, insurance participants may enjoy birth insurance related treatments when giving birth to a third child or terminating pregnancy.

  • 携程:宣布启动混合办公试验

    Ctrip: Announce the launch of mixed office pilot


    As reported recently, Ctrip has announced launching the “2021 mixed office pilot”. It is reported that the employee scope in this “2021 mixed office pilot” is to be extended to cover technical, product, business, marketing and functional positions, and that the pilot duration is to last from August 9, 2021 till January 30, 2022. Employees involved in the “mixed office” pilot will be working from home every Wednesday and Friday. The pilot will monitor the effectiveness in 5 dimensions in general.

  • BOSS直聘:无条件取消大小周 员工薪资不变

    BOSS zhipin.com: Cancel the alternation between 5 and 6 workdays per week unconditionally while keeping employees’ salary unchanged


    As reported recently, BOSS zhipin.com has announced that it will cancel the alternation between 5 and 6 workdays per week up from September 1, 2021. After recovering the two-day weekend system, employees will still be issued the “weekend overtime pay” in their salary as normal, with the total salary unchanged. The salary composition features the “weekend overtime pay” taking up approximately 20% of employees’ annual salary. This move amounts to a pay hike among all the staff in a disguised form.

  • 27000


    As reported recently, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has released the salary guideline for 18 industries of Beijing City in 2021, specifying that the minimum wage security line of 2021 is CNY 27000, an increment of CNY 600 compared to the CNY 26400 of 2020.

  • 8000


    As reported recently, Huawei has officially launched its global recruitment of graduates of 2022, offering 9 major classes of positions including R&D, marketing, finance & economics, service, supply chain, etc. It is reported that the size of recruitment will expand to 8000 people.

  • 1010万


    As reported recently, the number of job openings in the US has reached a record high of 10.1 million. From an industry-wide perspective, there have been 1.6 million job openings to be filled in the leisure tourism and hospitality industry which has suffered heavily from the outbreak of COVID-19, and the shortfall in health service industry has reached 1.5 million, as of late June.

  • 52年


    As reported recently, the labor and the capital parties of Samsung Electronics have signed the first labor-capital collective agreement since the company was founded 52 years ago. It has been 1 year and 3 months since Deputy President Li Zairong of Samsung Electronics annulled the “management without labor union” policy last May.

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