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#434  Sep 10, 2021    email version


Why doesn’t the court support overtime pay for extended hours to employees working each shift of 12 hours?


Why doesn’t the court support overtime pay for extended hours to employees who work 12 hours per shift from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm?

  • 海外留学生只能以实习生录用吗?
  • Can overseas students only be employed as interns?
  • 公司一位候选人目前是海外留学生,硕士学历,预计年底可以拿到毕业证,如果现在就想录用他,是不是只能以实习生的方式录用呢?
  • One of the company’s candidates is currently an overseas student who holds a master’s degree and is expected to obtain the diploma by the end of the year. Is the candidate now be hired only as an intern?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 三部门:用人单位涉嫌就业性别歧视将被约谈

    Three Ministries: Employers suspected of gender discrimination in employment will be admonished


    Reportedly, ACWF, MOE and MOHRSS recently jointly issued the “Notice on Employment and Entrepreneurship for Female College Graduates”, which includes: providing assistance for female college graduates with employment difficulties, carrying out timely examination, verification and treatment of issues reflecting gender discrimination in employment, and implementing joint admonishment with employers suspected of gender discrimination in employment.

  • 教育部:各地实现义务教育教师平均工资不低于公务员承诺

    MOE: The promise that the average salary of teachers in compulsory education shall not be lower than that of civil servants is fulfilled all over the country


    Reportedly, in 2020, 2,846 districts and counties across the country promised to achieve the goal that “the average salary of teachers in compulsory education shall not be lower than that of local civil servants”. According to the latest supervision, a long-term mechanism for guaranteeing teachers’ wage funds and a linkage mechanism of adjusting the salaries of teachers in compulsory education in line with the salaries of local civil servants have been formally established.

  • 深圳:员工工资支付条例修正决定草案提请“二审”

    Shenzhen: The draft decision on the amendment to the Regulations on Worker Wage Payment is submitted for the second review


    Reportedly, the “Decision on the Amendment to the Regulations of Shenzhen Municipality on Worker Wage Payment (Draft)” was recently submitted to the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress for a “second review”. The “Decision on the Amendment” retains the provisions on overtime pay on statutory holidays and vacations for irregular working hours and defines the rules for payment of the first wage payment day.

  • 上海:支持多渠道灵活就业

    Shanghai: Encourage to seek flexible employment with different channels


    Reportedly, Mr. Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shanghai, recently presided over an executive meeting of the municipal government. The meeting agreed in principle to the “Implementation Opinions of Shanghai Municipality on Supporting Flexible Employment with Different Channels and pointed out that it is necessary to provide excellent services and strengthen policy supply by various means such as lowering the threshold, providing stronger support, promoting incubation, and emphasizing insurance, so as to create more flexible employment opportunities.

  • 41亿


    Recently, according to a report issued by the International Labor Organization, currently only 47% of the world’s population is effectively covered by at least one type of social protection, while 4.1 billion people (53%) have no access to income security from their national social protection systems.

  • 5500万


    Reportedly, Li Zhong, Vice Minister of MOHRSS, recently said in view of the content in the “14th Five-Year Plan for Employment Promotion” that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the overall goal is to achieve more than 55 million new jobs in urban areas and control the surveyed urban unemployment rate within 5.5% so as to make the overall employment situation remain stable, steadily improve the quality of employment, effectively alleviate structural employment problems, continuously release the growth potential of employment driven by entrepreneurship and significantly enhance risk response capabilities.

  • 3.23万


    Reportedly, Guangdong Province has uniformly adjusted the granting standards for the work-related injury and disability allowance, living care allowance and breavement pension for dependent relatives since January 1, 2021. Among them, it is estimated that after the adjustment, the average monthly disability allowance per capita in the province is about CNY 4,803, an average increase of CNY 377. It is expected to benefit about 32,300 people injured at work in Guangdong Province.

  • 5亿


    Reportedly, SF Holdings recently launched the “Employee Sustainability Security Plan”. It is reported that the plan with a total investment of more than CNY 0.5 billion is expected to cover more than 200,000 first- and second-line couriers and their families, designed to provide support and assistance in the promotion of their skill and education, training of job transfer and transformation, and family welfare.

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