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Can both the compensation and the payment in lieu of notice be received in case of the labor contract being rescinded illegally?


Shall the company make the payment in lieu of notice for not having given any notice one month in advance, provided that the company’s illegal rescission of labor contract is true?

  • 与总公司签合同,由子公司发工资,发生劳动争议由谁承担?
  • Which party shall be held accountable for labor disputes if the contract has been signed with the parent company while salary is paid by its subsidiary company?
  • 总公司安排员工在子公司担任某职务,社保公积金由总公司缴纳,工资福利由子公司支付。员工与总公司签订合同,没有与子公司签订合同。每年总公司与子公司之间再内部结算社保公积金费用。该员工与公司之间发生劳动争议,应由哪家公司履行相应法律义务?
  • If the parent company arranges employees to take some office at its subsidiary company, the social security and housing provident fund shall be contributed to by the parent company while the salary and welfare shall be paid by the subsidiary company. It is with the parent company, rather than with the subsidiary company, that the employees have signed the contract. Every year the costs of social security and housing provident fund shall be settled internally between the parent company and the subsidiary company. Which company shall perform the corresponding legal duties in case of any labor dispute arising between the employee and the company?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 全国:大型互联网公司员工平均年龄介于27岁到33岁间

    Nationwide: Employees of large Internet companies have an average age between 27 and 33


    As reported recently, Maimai has released a survey with findings that the average age of employees of large Internet companies ranges between 27 and 33. Among them ByteDance and Pinduoduo have relatively the youngest employees, with an average age of 27 only. Employees of Didi Chuxing have the highest average age of up to 33. None of the average ages of employees of large Internet companies exceeds 35.

  • 广西:连续第七年统一调整工伤保险待遇 工伤伤残津贴每人每月增223元

    Guangxi: Adjust work-related injury insurance benefits uniformly for seven consecutive years, with allowance for work-related injuries and disabilities going up by CNY 223 per capita per month


    As reported recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has printed and issued a Notice regulating that starting from 2021 the work-related injury insurance benefits will be adjusted uniformly. Disability allowance will increase by CNY 223 per capita per month, and the portion below CNY 1810 per month shall be made up by work-related injury insurance funds. This marks the seventh consecutive year of uniformly adjusting work-related injury insurance benefits.

  • 福建厦门:发放疫情生活补助金 两类人员每人500元

    Xiamen Fujian: Issue living subvention of CNY 500 for each of two classes of individuals during the epidemic period


    As reported recently, the Fujian Ximen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security has released a Notice regulating that a living subvention of CNY 500 per capita will be issued against the plague among the unemployed who claim the unemployment benefits, the lump-sum living subvention, and the temporary living subsidy during September 13 to October 31, 2021, and the people with difficulties in finding jobs who enjoy the social security allowance for flexible employment during Quarter III of 2021.

  • 普华永道:将允许4万名客户服务员工永久远程办公

    PwC: 40 thousand customer service employees will be allowed to telecommute permanently


    As reported recently, PwC accounting firm has expressed it will allow 40 thousand US customer service employees to telecommute and reside anywhere they wish to permanently. This measure will make it become one of the largest employers who allow employees to stay at home permanently.

  • 9739元


    As reported recently, A Report on Recruitment Salaries of Chinese Enterprises of Quarter III of 2021 released on Zhaopin.com indicates, the national average salary of Quarter III of 2021 has reached CNY 9,739 per month by a comparative growth of 4.2%, and 12.1% higher than the figure CNY 8688 per month in the same period of 2020.

  • 2万亿


    As reported recently, the National Conference on the Development of Human Resources Services claims the human resources services have burgeoned to the point that, as of the end of 2020, there were 45.8 thousand human resources service agencies in all varieties nationwide, with annual business revenue exceeding CNY 2 trillion for the first time, providing human resources service support for 290 million employees and 49.83 million employers all throughout the year.

  • 13.05万


    As reported recently, A Report of Insight into the Status of Contemporary Young People in Workplace released by Liepin indicates in the respect of salary, the post-1990s’ average annual salary is CNY 130.5 thousand, at a growth rate higher than that of the average annual salary of mid-to-high end talents.

  • 1.37亿

    近日,据报道,特斯拉使前黑人员工Owen Diaz遭受了种族敌意工作环境,因未能采取合理措施来防止他受到种族骚扰,该公司被判向Diaz赔偿近1.37亿美元。其中,690万美元是与情感抑郁相关的赔偿金,1.3亿美元是惩罚性赔偿金。

    As reported recently, Tesla’s former black employee Owen Diaz suffered from a work setting with racial hostility. For failure to take proper measures to prevent him from suffering racial harassment, the company has been judged to compensate Diaz approximately USD 137 million. Whereof, USD 6.9 million is a compensation related to emotional depression, and USD 130 million is a punitive compensation.

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