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#44  Aug 23, 2013    email version


Legal Issues in Inter-region Employment


Relevant standards of the place where the employee actual works shall apply whether the enterprise dispatches an employee directly or through a labor dispatch service provider.

  • 如何规避海外派遣员工的风险?
  • How can the risks of overseas labor dispatch be avoided?
  • 需要视三家公司资质、背景及三家公司之间关系以及三家公司与员工之间的合同、协议等文书来具体分析此派遣的合法性以及法律风险。
  • The validity and legal risks of this labor dispatch should be specifically analyzed on the basis of these three companies’ qualification, background, the relationship between them, as well as the contracts and agreements between the companies and their employees.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广东总工会:25人以下未建立工会企业暂不收工费

    The Federation of Trade Unions of Guangdong: enterprise with less than 25 employees and without trade union may suspend to pay trade union expenditure


    The Federation of Trade Unions of Guangdong Province issued a notice recently, temporarily suspending to collect trade union expenditure from enterprise that has less than 25 employees and has not established trade union.

  • 深圳:前海境外人才个税15% 封顶

    Shenzhen: the highest rate of personal income tax of overseas talent in Qianhai is 15%

    前海境外高端人才和紧缺人才认定暂行办法实施细则日前正式出台,符合条件的人才,其在前海缴纳工资薪金所得个人所得税已纳税额超过工资薪金应纳税所得额15% 部分,由深圳市政府予以财政补贴。

    The implementation details of provisional regulation on identification of top and rare overseas talent in Qianhai are released formally. The part of talent’s personal income tax already paid for his/her remuneration in Qianhai exceeding 15% of his/her personal income tax for taxable remuneration will be subsidized by Shenzhen Government.

  • 深圳出台小企业贴息政策

    Shenzhen has established discount policies for small business


    Shenzhen recently established discount policies for small business. In case small business recruits a certain amount of registered unemployed people, graduates leaving colleges, secondary technical schools, and vocational schools for less than 2 years, and returned students, such enterprise may be given a discounted interest of 2 million yuan.

  • 上海调整伤残人员护理费标准

    Shanghai adjusted the standard of caring fee for the injured and handicapped


    Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau and Shanghai Finance Bureau jointly issued a notice of adjusting the standard of caring fee of grade-one to grade-four injured and handicapped person in 2013. According to this notice, the caring fee for the person with grade-one or grade-two injury or disability caused by work or war will be raised to 50% of the average monthly salary of this city’s employee. Such average monthly salary is 4692 yuan.

  • 北京:下月起12家银行可办社保缴费

    Beijing: social security charges may be paid at 12 banks from the next month


    Recently, the management center of social security funds of Beijing issued a Notice of Payment of Social Security Charges at Bank, clearly specifying that Beijing, from September, will increase the number of places for payment of social security charges, including 12 banks such as ICBC.

  • 9%

    中智薪酬绩效中心日前对300多家知名企业的薪酬情况进行深入调查,结果显示,广深地区各行业调薪比例整体回落到10% 以内。企业调薪比例平均值在9%左右。

    CIIC Remuneration and Performance Center recently made an in-depth survey of the remuneration of over 300 famous enterprises, the results of which showed that the rate of remuneration adjustment in various industries of Guangzhou and Shenzhen fell within 10%, and the average rate of remuneration adjustment by enterprise was approximately 9%.

  • 80.4%

    中国青年报社会调查中心对3809人进行的一项在线调查显示,83.5% 的受访者觉得身边有很多想加入“拼爹游戏”的年轻人,80.4% 的被访者觉得当代年轻人靠“拼爹”成功的多。

    The Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily made an online survey of 3809 people. 83.5% of them considered that there were around them many young people who wished to join the game of “competition of family background”. 80.4% of the interviewees agreed that young people nowadays could achieve success more easily relying on family connection.

  • 12%


    51job.com recently released a Billboard of Chinese Employers in 2013. 30 “Chinese Employers of 2013” were fairly generous in respect of employee training and development. They all adopted a strategy of higher remuneration for employee than the average market level, and their average increase of salary in 2013 was around 12%.

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