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#441  Nov 05, 2021    email version


Can medical treatment period be included in the length of service?


In practice, in order to reduce the economic compensation, an employer may claim that the medical treatment period should be deducted from its employees’ length of service, as they have not worked for the employer during the medical treatment period. Is this claim legal?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:未接种加强针不得从事重点岗位工作

    Beijing: No key jobs without booster vaccination


    Reportedly, Ding Sheng, member of the leading Party group and deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, recently said at a press conference that Beijing would further promote the vaccination of construction site personnel and arrange for priority booster vaccination for key jobs on construction sites, and that those who had not received booster vaccination would not be allowed to key jobs.

  • 深圳:三孩配套新规落地 职工参保次月起可享生育保险待遇

    Shenzhen: New rules to support the three-child policy stipulate that employees can enjoy maternity insurance benefits from the next month after insured


    Reportedly, with respect to delivery, termination of pregnancy or performance of family planning surgery, Shenzhen’s maternity insurance regulations have recently adjusted the time frame for benefit entitlement, the time limit for maternity allowance claiming and the time limit for reimbursement of maternity hospitalization cost on or after October 1, 2021. It is reported that the time frame for entitlement to maternity insurance benefits is shortened from one year after insured to the next month after insured; that employees can enjoy reimbursement of maternity hospitalization costs and maternity allowance benefits from the next month after ensured; that the time limit for maternity allowance claiming and reimbursement of maternity hospitalization costs is extended from one year to three years; and that reimbursement or payment of maternity benefits can be applied for within three years from the next day of delivery, termination of pregnancy or performance of family planning surgery.

  • 字节跳动:CEO梁汝波发内部信 头条、西瓜等业务并入抖音

    ByteDance: CEO Liang Rupo released an internal letter announcing that Headline, Watermelon and other business would be merged into TikTok


    Reportedly, Liang Rupo, CEO of ByteDance, recently released an internal letter, saying that ByteDance will have some organizational adjustments and set up six business segments. Among them, the businesses of Headline, Watermelon, Search, Baike and domestic vertical service will be merged into TikTok.

  • 小米汽车:经理级工程师薪酬年薪60万配100万期权

    Xiaomi Auto:Manager-level engineer enjoys an annual salary of CNY 600,000 and a share option of CNY 1 million


    Reportedly, the appointment letter of a senior engineer of Xiaomi Auto was recently exposed on the Internet. It is reported that this senior engineer’s monthly salary is CNY 40,000 and his target annual bonus is equivalent to 3 months of basic salary, indicating that his total annual salary is CNY 600,000. In addition, the engineer also received a share option of Xiaomi Auto worth CNY 1 million.

  • 50.4亿


    Reportedly, Lu Aihong, spokesperson of the MOHRSS, recently said at 2021 Q3 press conference that from January to September, labor security supervision agencies at all levels nationwide took the initiative to inspect 771,000 employers, investigated and dealt with 73,000 cases of various labor security supervision violations, including 43,000 cases of salary violations, and recovered CNY 5.04 billion of salaries and other benefits for 498,000 employees.

  • 145万


    Reportedly, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangsu Province recently said that the province had created an annual average of 1.45 million new urban jobs, ranking the first in China, and that the registered urban unemployment rate and surveyed urban unemployment rate remained within 4% and 4.5% respectively.

  • 10%


    Reportedly, Hainan Province recently issued a Notice of Reward for Reporting the Behavior of Illegal and Fraud Withdrawal of Housing Provident Fund, stipulating that the whistleblower will be given a reward of 10% of the amount of verified fraud (CNY 500 will be rewarded when 10% of the amount is less than CNY 500; CNY 5,000 will be rewarded when 10% of the amount is more than CNY 5,000) if the reported clues are verified to be true.

  • 1.5万


    Reportedly, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangxi Province recently said that the 2022 Guangxi College Graduates Two-way Selection was held in Nanning, and 355 employers were organized to provide 15,000 jobs for college graduates.

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