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Measures for the protection of commercial secrets


Non-competition is an agreed duty. The non-competition agreement should be made based on an agreement. Therefore, employees who should be restricted from competition should make an agreement in the labor contract or the confidentiality agreement, or sign a non-competition agreement with the employing unit.

  • 竞业限制补偿金的支付方式
  • Payment of financial compensation for non-competition restrictions
  • 用人单位可以在签订竞业限制条款时,事先对如何领取补偿金作出规定,并且可以约定要求劳动者提供真实有效的通讯方式和地址以及故意不领取经济补偿金的责任。
  • An employer may make provisions, before signing a non-competition restriction clause, on how to make payment of the financial compensation, and on employee's liabilities in the event that the employee fails to provide real and effective contact information, or deliberately fails to receive the financial compensation.
  • 如何有效进行商业秘密保护
  • How to protect commercial secrets effectively?
  • 让企业头疼的是,在有了保密制度,有了保密协议甚至全员签订了竞业限制协议之后,一旦遇到具体事件,企业还是无从下手。
  • It is possible that the enterprise has never adopted any measures to protect commercial secrets. What gives the enterprise headache is that, with the secret protection system, confidentiality agreement, and the non-competition agreement with all employees, the enterprise will not be able to make the decision at the occurrence of a specific event.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 5部门明确外籍高层次人才签证及居留手续办理流程

    Five Departments Clarify Procures for Handling Visa and Residence Formalities of High-level Foreign Talent


    General Offices of five departments including Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs recently promulgated the Notice Relating to Visa and Residence Formalities for High-level Talent with Foreign Nationality, demanding all departments, localities and units to sort out and archive their respectively carried out introduction plans for high-level talent with foreign nationality. The document also specifies procedures for handling visa and residence formalities for high-level foreign talent.

  • 税务总局细化小微企业免税政策

    State Administration of Taxation Refines Tax-emption Policies for Micro Enterprises


    The State Administration of Taxation recently said that, in order to implement preferential policies of the State Council on the temporary exemption of value-added tax and business tax for micro enterprises, the State Administration of Taxation hereby clarifies, "the threshold of exemption is that the monthly sales or turnover is RMB 20,000 or below".

  • 国资委首查央企职工“工资外收入”

    SASAC Inspects Off-the-Book Income of Central Enterprise Workers for the First Time


    State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) recently issued a circular, asking the SASAC system to carry out a survey on payrolls of enterprise workers in 2013 before October 31. Wherein, "off-the-book income" of workers of central enterprises is incorporated into the survey for the first time.

  • 北京要求劳务派遣企业需获行政许可

    Beijing Regulates That Labor Dispatch Companies Must Obtain Administrative Licensing


    Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued the Notice of Beijing on Matters Relating to the Application of Administrative Licensing for Labor Dispatch. The Notice provides that administrative licensing system will be implemented for labor dispatch in Beijing in an all-round manner. Labor dispatch enterprises should submit a labor dispatch administrative licensing application to the human resources and social security bureau of the locality (district, county) where the enterprise is registered. The enterprise can engage in labor dispatch business only after obtaining the Administrative Permit for Labor Dispatch.

  • 江苏:省内跨区派遣劳务须获行政许可

    Jiangsu: Intra-province Labor Dispatch Should Obtain Administrative Licensing


    Jiangsu Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department released a notice, clarifying that for intro-province inter-district labor dispatch business, the dispatching unit must obtain the administrative licensing of the human resources and social security bureau of the locality where the workers are dispatched before carrying out the dispatch business.

  • 35%


    According to the annual talent shortage survey recently released by HR company Manpower, 35% of mainland enterprises are still badgered by the problem of talent shortage, another 12% increase compared with last year.

  • 74%


    A survey published in Hong Kong shows that 74% of the surveyed young college and above degree holders in Hong Kong feel that today's job market is competitive, while over half believe that the main competition comes from places outside Hong Kong.

  • 56300


    The Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2013 is officially published. Data indicates that last year, Shanghai's aggregated GDP exceeded 2 trillion yuan and average wage of workers was RMB 56300, rising by 8.3% compared with the year before.

  • 1200


    A labor dispatch special survey in Nanjing shows that the average wage for employees signing labor contracts and labor dispatch contracts with the employing unit is RMB 3909/month and RMB 2715/month respectively, with nearly RMB 1200/month gap.

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