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#464  Apr 22, 2022    email version


Can a party lodge arbitration again after declaring a waive of rights in a mediation agreement?


In this case, the employees and the employer reached a mediation agreement during arbitration, which was then made into a written form by the arbitration commission, specifying that both parties are willing to waive their rights for other arbitration requests after mediation and they have no other labor disputes. However, the employees applied for arbitration once more after mediation. In this circumstance, should the arbitration commission accept the application?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国家统计局:一季度全国城镇新增就业285万人 调查失业率有所上升

    National Bureau of Statistics: 2.85 million new jobs were created and the surveyed unemployment rate rose in urban areas throughout the country in the first quarter


    According to data recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics, 2.85 million new jobs were reportedly created in urban areas throughout the country and the surveyed urban unemployment rate averaged 5.5% nationwide in the first quarter. The surveyed urban unemployment rate was 5.8 percent in March, 0.3% higher than the previous month.

  • 全国:各地区最低工资出炉 13地区最低工资达2000元以上

    Nationwide: Minimum wage by region was released, and the minimum wage in 13 regions reached more than CNY 2,000


    It is recently reported that MOHRSS has released the minimum wage standards by region in China (as of April 1, 2022), and Shanghai topped the list with CNY 2,590. The monthly minimum wage has reached CNY 2,000 or above in 13 regions, namely Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Shandong, Sichuan, Chongqing, Fujian, Hubei and He’nan.

  • 北京:近千间保障性租赁住房面向2022年应届毕业生配租

    Beijing: Nearly 1,000 affordable rental housing for graduates in 2022


    Reportedly, Beijing municipal government has recently issued the “Implementation Plan of Beijing Municipality on Accelerating the Development of Affordable Rental Housing”, taking the lead in starting a pilot program for newly graduated college students and launching the program of affordable rental housing for young people in 2022. with the first batch expected to provide nearly 1,000 pilot housing units to help newly graduated college students settle in Beijing.

  • 福建厦门:提高城乡居民基础养老金标准

    Xiamen, Fujian: Raise basic pension standards for urban and rural residents


    Reportedly, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Finance recently issued a notice to adjust and raise the basic pension standard of old-age insurance for urban and rural residents: Starting from January 1, 2022, the basic pension standard will be raised by CNY 20 per person per month to CNY 330 for those who have had registered permanent residence in Xiamen for more than five years, and by CNY 10 per person per month to CNY 140 for those who have had registered permanent residence in Xiamen for less than five years. The increase in the basic pension adjusted since January this year will be paid back.

  • 2.5万亿元


    It is recently reported that according to the official website of MOF, Liu Kun, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of and Minister of the Ministry of Finance, said that MOF would continue to implement a larger combination of tax cuts and fee reductions this year, with the annual tax refund and tax reduction amount expected to be about CNY 2.5 trillion.

  • 4881亿元


    Reportedly, Shu Jueting, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce recently introduced China’s service outsourcing in the first quarter of this year. Shu said that from January to March in 2022. China’s enterprises received CNY 488.1 billion in service outsourcing contracts and CNY 318.5 billion in execution, an increase of 10.3% and 17.2% respectively.

  • 8000元


    Reportedly, Taizhou in Zhejiang Province has released the “Implementation plan for comprehensively implementing the New Apprenticeship System in Enterprises in Taizhou”, according to which employee apprentices participating in the training can receive subsidies for up to two years based on their skill levels at the end of the training period The annual subsidy standard per person does not exceed CNY 6,000 for those who have obtained an intermediate vocational skill level certificate, and not exceed CNY 8,000 for those who have obtained a senior vocational skill level certificate.

  • 50000


    Reportedly, Anhui Province has issued the “Implementation Plan of the Recruitment Plan for Internship Positions in 2022” specifying that Anhui Province plans to raise 50,000 internship positions throughout the year, among which the number of internship positions raised by various enterprises is not less than 30,000.

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