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#50  Oct 11, 2013    email version


Legal requirements of democratic process


The proportion of democratic management in employer's labor management keeps increasing, requiring HR personnel to know more about democratic management. How to make rules and systems legally effective through democratic process is the most common problem.

  • 民主流程的制定原则
  • Principles for formulating democratic process
  • 用人单位HR需要注意整个流程的证据化固定,主要以书面的形式,结合录音、录像等形式保留可在未来运用的材料。
  • Employer shall pay attention to retaining fixed evidence for the overall process, mainly in the form of writing, audio and video recording, that may be used in the future.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 财政部、国税总局:企业五项研发费用可税前扣除

    Ministry of Finance, SAT: enterprise’s five types of R&D expenditures may be deducted before tax


    Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice, stipulating that enterprise’s five types of expenditures of R&D may be deducted before tax, including five sorts of social insurance premiums and housing accumulation fund paid for the personnel directly engaged in R&D.

  • 国税总局:营改增跨境应税服务免税范围明确

    SAT: the scope of tax exemption of cross-border taxable service related to conversion of business tax to VAT


    The State Administration of Taxation recently formulated and promulgated the Regulation on Tax Exemption of Cross-Border Taxable Service related to Conversion of Business Tax to VAT (trial), which defines the scope of VAT exemption of nine categories of cross-border services.

  • 《社会保险费申报缴纳管理规定》将施行

    Regulation on Declaration and Payment of Social Insurance Premium will be implemented


    The Regulation on Declaration and Payment of Social Insurance Premium has been examined and passed on the 114th session of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and will be implemented as of Nov. 1st, 2013.

  • 北京:在京缴社保6年子女方可考高职

    Beijing: offspring of those who have paid social security contribution in Beijing for 6 years may participate in the entrance exam for higher vocational school


    The Board of Education of Beijing stipulates that, from 2014, higher vocational school will be gradually opened to the offspring of migrant citizens. There are five conditions for “non-Beijing” students to apply for the entrance exam for higher vocational school, including migrant citizen’s consecutive payment of social security contribution for 6 years (excluding supplementary payment).

  • 广东:高层次人才住房仍以货币补贴为主

    Guangdong: housing of high-level talents mainly takes the form of cash subsidy


    Recently, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Guangdong stated that the Policy and Opinion on Solving the Housing Problem of Our Province’s High-Level Talent is being prepared. The housing of high-level talents will still take the form of cash subsidy in the future.

  • 10.5%


    By Sept. 26th, 14 provinces (regions, municipalities) of the nation have released enterprise salary guideline of 2013, among which, Gansu’s base line is the highest, i.e. 17%, and Guangdong’s base line is the lowest, i.e. 10.5%.

  • 27.29万


    A survey of Blue Paper of International Talents shows that more and more Chinese overseas students chose to return home in recent years. Particularly in 2012, there were 272900 overseas students returning home, increasing by 46.56% year on year.

  • 224


    From Oct. 1st, 224 commonly used medicines for treatment of hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease will be included in the scope of reimbursement for community medical treatment in Beijing.

  • 60.6


    The first domestic Chinese Employee Pension Reserve Index (CEPRI2013) shows that the total index of Chinese employee pension reserve is 60.6 in 2013, which is the third level of the evaluation benchmark, namely, the lower limit of the “base level”. This index can satisfy the demand for pension reserve, yet with greater room for improvement.

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