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#51  Oct 18, 2013    email version


Legal risk of cross-regional employment


As for transfer, we recommend to sign a three-party agreement to define such three parties' rights and obligations and avoid confusion of rights, obligations and benefits between them.

  • 跨地区用工的员工管理
  • Management of employee for cross-regional employment
  • 对于跨地区的员工管理,总公司的规章制度是否可以当然适用?在跨地区用工模式下,总部要如何实现有效的管理,包括规章制度的适用,薪酬调整等?
  • Can headquarters' rules and systems apply to cross-regional management of employee? Under the mode of cross-regional employment, how can head office realize effective management, including application of rules and systems and adjustment of remuneration etc.?
  • 跨地区用工的社保缴纳
  • Social security contribution for cross-regional employment
  • 跨地区缴纳社保的最大风险将会是政策风险。一旦当地出台了相关的法律法规或者规章政策,那么公司在实际操作中就会受到法律政策的约束。
  • The largest risk of cross-regional social security comes from policy. Once relevant local laws, regulations, rules or policies are promulgated, company will be limited by them in actual practice.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 不缴社保费将以财产抵缴

    Property will be used to pay Social Insurance


    The Regulation of Declaration and Payment of Social Insurance will be implemented as of Nov. 1st, which clearly stipulates that employer shall provide guarantee in the form of mortgage and pledge if the balance in its account, upon inquiry, is less than the Social Insurance to be paid or still insufficient to pay the contribution after appropriation.  

  • 养老金或增加最低缴费年限

    Minimum contribution years for pension may be increased


    The top-level design of social security system has entered into the phase of summary and discussion of schemes. Experts say that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will not adopt the scheme of directly postponing retirement age. Instead, it will take a more moderate manner, such as increasing the minimum contribution years.

  • 广东拟规定工资集体协商一年进行一次

    Guangdong will stipulate that collective bargaining for wages shall be held once a year


    The Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Guangdong Province recently solicited public opinions on the Regulation on Collective Bargaining and Collective Contract in Enterprise of Guangdong Province (exposure draft) (hereinafter called as the Draft), which specifies that the two sides of collective bargaining for wages may negotiate annual salary, allowance, bonus, sick pay or payment during leave for private affairs. In general, such bargaining shall be held once a year. 

  • 上海:缴存住房公积金困难单位可申请降低或缓缴

    Shanghai: employer who has difficulty in paying housing accumulation funds may apply for reduction of or delay in such payment


    Shanghai Management Center of Accumulation Fund states that employer who has difficulty in paying housing accumulation funds may apply for the formalities of reduction of payment rate or delay in such payment.

  • 全国假日办就挪周末拼假征求意见

    State Holiday Office solicited opinions on consolidating weekends to long holidays

    全国假日办近日发布了“关于法定节假日放假安排的调查问卷”, 面向社会广泛征集意见。在涉及放假安排的问题中,超过七成的网友不满意现行的放假安排。

    The State Holiday Office recently released a Questionnaire on Arrangement of Statutory Holidays, widely soliciting society’s opinions. In the problem regarding arrangement of holidays, more than 70% of netizens are not satisfied with the current arrangement.

  • 66%


    What does enterprise value most in recruitment? Central China Human Resources releases a survey report of enterprises from January to September of this year, which shows that over 66% of enterprises value the capability of response, language and social communication most in recruitment; 50% of enterprises regard the experience of social practice as the most important; 35% of enterprises think highly of persons with outstanding professional knowledge; and about 31% of enterprises attach importance to innovation capability.

  • 30%


    A Survey Report of Campus Recruitment 2013 released by NormStar shows that, in 2013, the rate of contract breach of university graduates is increasing. In nearly 30% (27.28%) of enterprises, the rate of contract breach committed by graduates in campus recruitment is higher than 30%.

  • 41799


    China Academy of Personnel Science compiled a blue book named the Report of China’s HR Development (2013), which points out that the average annual salary of our nation’s urban employees increases from 24721 yuan in 2007 to 41799 yuan in 2011, growing by 69.1%.

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