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#52  Oct 25, 2013    email version

HR 对电子证据的管理与运用实务

Electronic evidence management by HR


Generally, in order meet the formal requirements as evidence and ensure the authenticity, we need to apply for the notarization at the notary agencies.

  • 违纪解除需要注意什么?
  • How to discipline and discharge the employees?
  • 内容的合法是指公司的规章制度或者员工手册内的规定必须符合法律的规定。程序合法是指制定规章制度需要有相关的民主、公示程序。
  • The legality of the content refers to whether the regulations of the company or the rules in the Employment Handbook are in compliance with laws. The legality of procedures refers to the fact that the regulations of the procedures should be based on the relevant democratic and publicity procedures.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 媒体称延长养老保险缴费年限已定

    Media report that extension of payment years for endowment insurance has been determined


    Many consensuses have been reached with respect to the pension system on a 2-day's meeting behind closed door held by several ministries and designers of various pension schema. The specialists attending this meeting said that extension of payment years for endowment insurance and integration of two pension systems had been determined. In addition, enterprise's burden of related charges and rates would be reduced.

  • 广东职工看病自付费用或可“二次报销”

    Employee's self-paid portion for medical treatment may be reimbursed in Guangdong


    The Activity of Comprehensive Mutual Assistance and Guarantee for Employee's Hospitalization and Medical Treatment was recently launched in Guangdong Province. If a member of this activity pays a membership fee of 95 yuan annually, his/her self-paid portion for medical treatment may be reimbursed again within the valid term after his/her charges are reimbursed under medical insurance.

  • 北京民企建文化设施最高补贴3000万

    Private enterprise based in Beijing will get a subsidy of up to 30 million for building cultural facilities


    The NDRC of Beijing recently issued Several Policies for Further Encouraging and Inducing Private Capital into Cultural and Creative Industry. Private enterprise will get a subsidy up to 30 million yuan for building cultural facilities.

  • 上海拟立法促进残疾人就业

    Shanghai plans to promote employment of the disabled through legislation


    The Standing Committee of the 14th People's Congress of Shanghai examined and discussed Shanghai's Implementation Rules of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Protection of the Disabled (revised draft). The draft stipulates that government agency, social organization, enterprise, public institution, private unincorporated entity shall ensure employment of disabled person in line with 1.6% of the number of their incumbent employees.

  • 天津:工伤调查最长不超过10个工作日

    Tianjin: Investigation of work-related injury shall not exceed 10 working days


    Tianjin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued a Notice on the Issue of Establishing Quick Handling Mechanism for Identification of Work-Related Injury and Settlement of Medical Expenses for the purpose of establishing a mechanism for quick identification of work-related injury and settlement of medical expenses. In case investigation of work-related injury needs to be carried out, such investigation shall be completed within 10 working days after acceptance.

  • 40%


    Towers Watson, a professional consulting firm, recently released a report named Survey of Global Human Resources Service 2013, which showed that 40% of Chinese enterprises will change their HR structure in this or the next year. This rate is higher than that of the world (36%) and Asian-Pacific Region (33%).

  • 8.2%


    German Chamber of Commerce in China recently released a Survey of Remuneration of German Companies in China 2013, which estimated that the increase of average remuneration of German companies in China in the next year will become a little moderate, which is 8.2%, dropping by 0.7% compared with the actual increase in 2012.

  • 5366.65亿


    Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced that, by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2013, the accumulation fund of enterprise annuity reached 536.665 billion, increasing by 11.3% compared with the amount of 482.104 billion at the end of 2012. However, its supportive effect on pension is fairly limited.

  • 50%


    Renren recently released a Survey of New Employee's Satisfaction in 2013, which showed that over a half of employees are not content with their work mainly because of the small challenge in and the tedious content of their work.

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