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Can Enterprise Directly Apply Flexible Working Hours System to Some Posts Without Approval?


Implementation of flexible working hours system is in reliance upon employer's application and labor administration's approval, and cannot be applied directly.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院:取消有限责任公司最低注册资本限制

    State Council: lift the restriction of the minimum registered capital of limited liability company


    Mr. Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, recently convened and chaired an executive meeting of the State Council, arranging and promoting the reform of the registration system of company's registered capital, which includes cancellation of the restriction of the minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan for limited liability company, 100 thousand yuan for one-person limited liability company, and 5 million yuan for joint stock limited liability company.

  • 9省份年内试点跨省就医即时报销

    9 Provinces will try immediate reimbursement for cross-provincial medical treatment this year


    The person in charge of State Council's Health Care Reform Office say that our nation will try immediate reimbursement for cross-provincial medical treatment in some provinces this year, including Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and Hainan.

  • 广东:失业女性生育或领3倍保险金

    Guangdong: unemployed woman may get three times of insurance benefit when giving birth


    Regulation on Unemployment Insurance of Guangdong Province (revised draft) was recently submitted to the Standing Committee of Guangdong People's Congress for examination and discussion. According to this revised draft, unemployed woman, when giving birth during acquiring unemployment insurance benefit, may apply to increase her benefit up to three times of the unemployment insurance benefit of the month of birth.

  • 上海:补缴城保或需一次性补缴15年

    Shanghai: 15-year's urban social insurance fee is required to be paid for one time


    Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau revealed recently that not less than 15 years of urban social insurance fee shall be paid for one time if the insured requests to supplement such fee, except the social insurance fee paid pursuant to state or Shanghai's regulations.

  • 全球最适宜工作25家跨国公司排行榜:谷歌夺冠

    25 transnational corporations in the world most suitable for work: Google takes the crown

    《财富》杂志揭晓2013年“全球最适宜工作的25家跨国公司”排行榜。位于前三位的分别为谷歌、SAS Institute、NetApp公司。

    Fortune published a list of 25 transnational corporations in the world most suitable for work in 2013. The top three corporations are Google, SAS Institute, and NetApp.

  • 80.9%


    51job.com, a HR service provider, recently released a Survey Report on Employer's Willingness to Hire for the 4th Quarter of 2013, which showed that employer's demand for recruitment remained high. 80.9% of the interviewed employers said that they would increase the quantity of social recruitment in the 4th quarter of this year comparing with 2012.

  • 17.51万


    Guangzhou recently exposed its 41 departments directly under the municipal government. Media analyzed the financial statements of the 40 departments and bureaus excluding the public security bureau, and, upon careful calculation, ascertained the final results and data in respect of the salary and welfare of Guangzhou’s civil servants. Their average annual wage and allowance are 175100 yuan.

  • 18%


    Mr. Yin Chengji, the spokesman of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said on a recent press conference that, by the end of September, 24 regions had adjusted their minimum wage standards, and the average rate of increase was 18%.

  • 19%


    Recently, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce released a Report on Development of Chinese Family Business, showing that 48% of the entrepreneurs among 3033 family businesses, who responded to the question whether offspring are willing to take over businesses, did not know their offspring's intention; 33% said their offspring were not willing to take over; only 19% considered their offspring were willing to do so.

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