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#55  Nov 15, 2013    email version


Can overtime work in festivals and holidays be compensated in the form of deferred rest instead of overtime pay?


It can be seen from state regulation that only work on rest day may be compensated with deferred rest instead of overtime pay. However, it is not explicitly prohibited to compensate work arranged in festivals and holidays with deferred rest instead of overtime pay.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京市社保缴费基数增加471元

    The base of the social security contribution of Beijing increases by 471 yuan


    As revealed by Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the base of the social security contribution of Beijing in 2013 is 4672 yuan, increasing by 471 yuan compared with last year's base, i.e. 4201 yuan. The upper limit is 14016 yuan, and the lower limit is 1869 yuan.

  • 深圳:来深博士后可享百万补贴

    Shenzhen: postdoctoral talent may enjoy a subsidy of a million yuan after coming to Shenzhen


    As revealed by Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, postdoctoral talent may get a subsidy of 160000 yuan after researching in postdoctoral station in Shenzhen for 2 years, and a scientific research fund of 100000 yuan issued by government if s/he is willing to work in Shenzhen for 3 years after leaving station. During such 5 years, s/he may also enjoy a housing allowance of 800000 yuan.

  • 香港研究延退措施

    Hong Kong is studying measures of postponed retirement


    As disclosed in the consultation paper of population policy released by the government of Hong Kong at the end of October, the Civil Service Bureau is studying to postpone the retirement age of civil servant from 60 to 65, and the retirement age of disciplinary servant from 55 to 60.

  • 三中全会网友最关注收入分配改革

    Netizens pay most attention to the reform of income distribution during the 3rd Plenary Session


    People.com.cn conducted a survey for the 3rd Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, which showed that, among the 10 hot key words, "income gap" became the key word of reform that netizens paid most attention to in this survey.

  • 报告指社保保障水平整体下降

    Report indicates that the overall level of social security has fallen


    Recently, Central University of Finance and Economics released a Report of China's Social Security Development Index 2012, which showed that the return of the nation's endowment insurance increased, but the substitution rate declined in the last few years. Such decline means the guarantee level of pension also depreciates.

  • 8.5%


    Towers Watson, a professional consulting service organization, recently released a research report of the overall remuneration and bonus in China in 2013, which showed that Chinese enterprises continue to hold a prudent view with respect to the development prospect in 2014, expecting an average increase of salary of 8.5%.

  • 77.5%

    最新发布的 《中国海归发展报告(2013)》国际人才蓝皮书显示,77.5%的海归表示实际薪资比理想薪资低。48.8%的就业型海归认为,需要花5年或更长时间来收回留学成本。

    According to the latest blue book regarding international talents, i.e. the Development Report of Chinese Overseas Returnees (2013), 77.5% of overseas returnees consider that their actual salaries are less than what they expect. 48.8% of the employed overseas returnees think that they need 5 or more years to recover the cost of studying abroad.

  • 38.6万


    The Statistical Bureau of Korea recently released a Survey of Foreigner Employment in 2013, showing that there are 760000 foreign employees in Korea by the November of this year, decreasing by 3.9% compared with the previous year. Among these foreign employees, there are 386000 Chinese working in Korea.

  • 130万


    Mr. Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, recently said that each percentage point of the GDP growth could create 1.3 million, or even 1.5 million jobs.

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