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#57  Nov 29, 2013    email version


How should the salary be paid during maternity leave?


In principle, female employee's salary and benefits shall not be reduced during maternity leave. However, some people consider that the benefits arising from actual work and performance may be suspended, such as performance bonus, return on achievement, travel allowance, food allowance, etc.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:提升医保统筹层次 减少60%异地就医

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: improve the overall planning level of medical insurance, and reduce the medical treatment outside the region of overall planning by 60%


    Hu Xiaoyi, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said the other day that the overall planning level of the medical insurance fund will be improved in all aspects. The fund will be planned across prefecture-level city in general, or even, based on some conditions, across a whole province, thus reducing the medical treatment outside the region of overall planning by 60%.

  • 国资委:2020年绝大部分国企变身混合所有制企业

    SASAC: most of state-owned enterprises will become mixed-ownership enterprises by 2020


    Chu Xuping, Director of SASAC's research center, said recently that, by 2020, the equities of most state-owned enterprises will become diversified. Except a few special fields, most of these enterprises will develop into mixed-ownership enterprises.

  • 上海:人才类集体户口全面停办

    Shanghai: collective residence register for talents will not be granted


    The residence register policy of Shanghai will be significantly adjusted again. From Jan. 1st of the next year, collective residence register for talents will be terminated. The talents imported into Shanghai not qualified for residence register may fulfill the Public Community Residence Register at his/her actual domicile.

  • 上海研究个人用医保买商业险

    Shanghai is researching purchase of commercial insurance using personal medical insurance account


    Shanghai's human resources and social security department said a few days ago that Shanghai is researching and formulating the specific policies for extending the usage of personal medical insurance account, including the feasibility of purchasing commercial health insurance with such account.

  • 浙江允许企业首付两成注册资本

    Zhejiang allows enterprises to pay 20% of registered capital as down payment


    Recently, Zhejiang Province released 9 measures for reforming registration of company's registered capital, allowing enterprises to pay 20% of registered capital as down payment within 3 months after obtaining business license, with the rest being paid off within 2 years.

  • 17.6万


    Statistics show that the number of university graduates in Shanghai will reach 176 thousand the next year, decreasing by around 2000 compared with 2013. This is the first decrease of the number of university graduates in Shanghai in the last 10 years.

  • 233.8752亿


    A recent research result of Central University of Finance and Economics shows that the balance of almost every region's unemployment insurance fund has reached several billion yuan. For instance, Beijing's balance is 9.52237 billion, Shanghai's balance is 10.71506 billion, and Guangdong Province reaches 23.38752 billion, which is the most.

  • 10万


    The Regulation on Supervision and Management of Occupational Health of Shenyang, which was examined and passed recently by the Standing Committee of Shenyang People's Congress, stipulates that employer may be fined 50 thousand to 100 thousand yuan in case of its failure to truly inform its employee of occupational hazard when concluding or modifying labor contract.

  • 60%


    More and more females entered hi-tech industry. According to the statistics of BLS, 39900 new jobs were created in hi-tech industry from January to September, 60% of which were occupied by female employees.

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