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#58  Dec 06, 2013    email version


Analysis on Questionable Points of Paid Annual Leave

员工能有几天带薪年休假?员工是否可以“被休假” ?员工应休未休年休假如何折算报酬?

How many leave days does an employee have? Can the company arrange an employee to take a leave? How to make payment of annual leave not yet taken?

  • 带薪年休假补偿之争议
  • Compensation Dispute of Paid Annual Leave
  • 病假系法定福利休假,员工在医疗期内请病假的,可以享受病假工资, 而年休假属于员工可以享受的全薪休假。除非员工病假超过一定时间,否则两者并不排斥。
  • Sick leave is a statutory leave. An employee can enjoy sick pay during the period of medical care, and the paid annual leave is a fully-paid holiday. Unless the sick leave exceeds a certain period of time, these two kinds of leaves do not reject each other.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 深圳:明年起实行失业保险浮动费率

    Shenzhen: Implement a Floating Rate of Unemployment Insurance Starting Next Year


    For the following two years starting from January 1 of next year, Shenzhen will implement a floating rate for unemployment insurance. The benchmark unemployment insurance rate may be adjusted downwardly depending on the factors such as the employer’s rate of employee dismissal, with the floating rate not higher than 40% of the unemployment insurance contribution standards.

  • 广东:外来务工人员或可就地领取失业保险金

    Guangdong: Migrant Workers May Be Able to Receive Unemployment Insurance at the Locality


    The Unemployment Insurance Regulations of Guangdong (Exposure Draft) has passed the voting of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Guangdong Province. Under the Regulations, migrant workers in compliance with relevant standards can receive unemployment insurance benefits at the locality.

  • 河南拟规定不涨工资最高罚款1万

    Henan Intends to Regulate That A Fine of up to RMB 10,000 Will Be Imposed on Employers Not Raising Wages


    The Collective Wage Bargaining Regulations on Hennan Enterprises to be introduced by Henan provincial government intends to promote the collective wage bargaining system in a legal manner. Employers failing to raise wages for employees without proper grounds will face a fine of up to RMB 10,000.

  • 江苏:灵活就业人员生育费用明年起可报销

    Jiangsu: Flexibly Employed Personnel Can Have Maternity Expenses Reimbursed Starting from Next Year


    Jiangsu provincial government has recently promulgated a notice, providing that the maternity expenses of flexibly employed personnel that have joined basic medical insurance in Jiangsu will be incorporated into the payment scope of employee basic medical insurance fund starting from next year.

  • 多省调整最低工资标准

    Several Provinces Have Adjusted the Minimum Wage


    Several provinces have adjusted the minimum wage near the year end. Wherein, Hunan Province adjusts its minimum wage standard to 1265 yuan/month from December 1 onwards, while Hainan Province raises the current minimum wage by RMB 70.

  • 60万


    He Qimou, Secretary of Guangdong Talent Service Bureau said that Guangdong was expected to have over 600,000 college graduates in 2014, including over 400,000 local Hukou students and over 200,000 students from other provinces.

  • 45.2%


    A survey on entrepreneurs recently released shows that the proportion of entrepreneurs with college or above degrees has increased from 33.9% in 1993 to 45.2% in 2013. Over the 20 years in question, entrepreneurs appointed by competent authorities have dropped from 85.8% to 11.1%, those appointed by the Board have risen from 3.8% to 38.4%, while self-starting entrepreneurs have increased from 16.1% to 44.7%.

  • 20%


    A survey on white-collar workers shows that more than 70% of the surveyed believe there is no hope of wage raising in the coming year, while only less than 20% plan to ask for a raise initiatively.

  • 74%


    A survey conducted by the third-party educational data consulting and assessment institution MyCOS finds that “female postgraduates” and “male graduates” face the highest employment pressure, with 74% and 73% respectively feeling stressful for securing a job. Wherein, the employment pressure of “female postgraduates” is 9% higher than “male postgraduates” (65%).

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