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#6  Nov 16, 2012    email version


Enterprise Cannot Ignore Overtime Work Management


How to allocate the burden of proof when determining the existence of overtime work? How to calculate the overtime pay? What aspects should the employer pay attention to regarding overtime work management?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 调查称年终奖带来的幸福感最强

    Survey Says Year-end Bonus Bringing Strongest Sense of Happiness


    According to the magazine Xiaokang (literally means well-off life standard), being asked about the question of which kind of company’s welfare can elevate sense of happiness, a lot of interviewees choose some choices that are relevant to remuneration, which are respectively annual bonus, paid vacation and merit raise.

  • 深圳:职工购买保障房可申请公积金贷款

    Shenzhen: Application for Housing Provident Fund Loan for Employees’ Purchase of Subsidized House


    Shenzhen Housing Provident Fund Center recently reveals that, employees who are entitled to housing fund loan can apply for it when purchasing subsidized housing in Shenzhen.

  • 重庆:医保个人账户内资金即日起亲朋都可使用

    Chongqing: Fund in Individual Medical Insurance Account Can Cover Friends & Relatives of Account holder


    According to Chongqing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, from the day on, the fund coverage of medical insurance individual account in urban areas is enlarged. Apart from the account holder, the relatives and friends of the account holder can use the account fund with the consent of account holder.

  • 600 Billion


    Zheng Bingwen, the director of Worldwide Social Insurance Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, under the current investment mechanism of bank deposit, during the 10 years from 2001 to 2011, the old-age pension reserve has been shrinking by 600 billion Yuan. He regards that the reform of investment mechanism has become a must.

  • 393


    The statistics obtained from Shanghai Commission of Commerce has shown that by now, the total number of headquarters of multinational companies in Shanghai has reached 393, and the number of R&D centers reaches 349.

  • 57%


    According to the Survey Report of Adaptation to Work for College Students, among the college graduates who have been working for less than three years, 57% of them tend to change job for at least once every year.

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