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#60  Dec 20, 2013    email version


The Issue of Overtime Work under Special Working Hours System


Can employee's rest, vacation or overtime pay be canceled under comprehensive working hours system? How can the overtime cost be reduced reasonably by virtue of special working hours system? How can the company ascertain employee's work status under non-fixed working hours system, especially in absence of work attendance checking system?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北上广深落户或将收紧

    Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou may tighten their settling policies


    The central conference for the work of urbanization held recently defined the urbanization routes for the cities of various categories. According to analysis, this means the restrictions on household registration in medium- and small-sized cities will soon be removed, whereas the settling policies in the first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, may be further tightened.

  • 发改委:分配制度改革实施细则2014年出台

    NDRC: the implementation rules of the income distribution reform will be promulgated in 2014


    Mr. Xu Shaoshi, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently said that our nation will promote and enact the implementation rules related to the income distribution reform in 2014.

  • 国台办:台胞大陆就业满半年可领失业保险

    TAO: Taiwan compatriots may acquire unemployment insurance after working in the Mainland China for half a year


    The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council (TAO) held a press conference recently, stating that Taiwan compatriots, when working for 6 months consecutively at their places of residence in the Mainland China, may voluntarily enjoy employment services and relevant unemployment insurance benefits after becoming unemployed.

  • 外资机构预测:明年在华企业人才争夺加剧

    Foreign institution forecasts that the scrambling for talents by China-based enterprises will become fiercer in the next year


    Michael Page, an international HR consultancy releases a Report of Outlook of Remuneration and Employment in China in 2014, according to which, 31% of the enterprises surveyed predict a talent shortage in 2014, and 55% believe that the scrambling for talents will induce more increase in remuneration than that of the inflation rate in the next year.

  • 毕业生薪酬排名:文科专业包揽倒数十名

    Ranking of graduate's remuneration: majors of liberal arts occupy the last ten


    A survey released in Beijing shows that the majors of science occupy seven of the top ten in the ranking of graduate's average remuneration in 2012, while the majors of liberal arts occupy the last ten in such ranking.

  • 727万


    The Information Office of the State Council holds a press conference, announcing that the newly-increased job opportunities in urban area this year reaches 12.42 million, and the rate of registered unemployment is 4.04%. In 2014, the number of the university graduates in our nation is 7.27 million.

  • 8.8%


    51job.com, a HR service provider, recently released a Survey Report on Resignation and Wages Adjustment in 2014, which showed that the average rate of increase of remuneration in enterprise in 2014 is expected to be 8.8%.

  • 1.7


    Zhaopin.com, a HR service provider, recently published a Survey Report on National White Collar Worker's Satisfaction Index. According to this report, the satisfaction index of the nation's white collar workers on their remuneration is only 1.7, among which, the satisfaction index of those working in the first-tier cities is 1.35, lower than the second-tier cities by 0.61.

  • 84%

    全球人力资源管理公司仕达富日前公布香港最新薪酬调查及招聘展望,当中有84%受访企业将于明年加薪,逾57%表示将加薪3.1%至5 %,亦有23%的加幅为5.1%至7%。

    The Staff Service, a global HR management company, recently released the latest remuneration survey and recruitment outlook of Hong Kong, stating that 84% of the survey enterprises planned to increase remuneration the next year, of which 57% intended to increase remuneration by 3.1% to 5%, and 23% intended to increase by 5.1% to 7%.

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