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Case Study on Pregnancy of Female Employee without Labor Contract Signed


The illegal termination of de facto labor relationship does not equate to the illegal termination or dissolution of labor contract. The premise to determine that both sides have a contractual relationship is consensual and expression of true meaning.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 深圳公布今年积分入户政策

    Shenzhen Promulgated its Point-based Residence Register Policy This Year


    Recently, Shenzhen promulgated its point-based residence register policy for 2014. The new policy rescinds many point-adding items, inclusive of canceling or reducing the points added for "two high grades", canceling the 40 points added due to separation of husband and wife, restricting the points added due to voluntary work and blood donation, and deducting 5 points each year for people above 45 years old. However, the item of residence register for tax payment is retained.

  • 前海境外高端人才开始申报

    The Application for The Identification of Overseas Top Talents Commenced in Qianhai


    The application for identification of overseas top talents and rare talents in shortage, as well as the subsidy for personal income tax has started up. The applicants meeting the application requirements may apply to Qianhai Administration via their employers prior to Jan. 31st.

  • 广州:企业职工基本养老保险缴费工资下限下调

    Guangzhou: The Lower Limit of Employee's Salary for Payment of Basic Endowment Insurance is Reduced

    广州市地税局透露, 2014年1月1日至2014年6月30日,企业职工基本养老保险缴费工资下限从目前的2529元下调至2139元,上限12645元维持不变。

    According to Guangshou Local Taxation Bureau, from Jan. 1st to Jun. 30th, 2014, the lower limit of employee's salary for payment of basic endowment insurance is reduced from 2529 yuan to 2139 yuan. And its upper limit of 12645 yuan remains unchanged.

  • 北京:大病保险不设封顶线

    Beijing: critical illness insurance does not have cap


    Beijing promulgated its Trial Regulation of Critical Illness Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents of Beijing. From Jan. 1st, for the person participating in Beijing urban resident's basic medical insurance or new rural cooperative medical insurance, 60% of his/her expenses for treating critical illness may be reimbursed if the aggregate expenses exceed 50000 yuan. In the meantime, such reimbursement does not have cap.

  • 江苏发布劳务派遣合同参考样本

    Jiangsu Released Sample Contract for Labor Dispatch


    The Three-Party Committee for Coordination of Labor Relationship of Jiangsu Province released a sample of labor dispatch contract recently, specifying each party's rights and obligations, and defining the principle of equal pay for equal work.

  • 4.6%


    Mercer, a global HR consultancy, recently published a survey, showing that the transnational enterprises in Hong Kong felt optimistic about the business prospects in 2014, and expecting the average increase of employee's salary this year will attain 4.6%.

  • 94%


    A White-Collar Worker's Health Report in 2013 released recently shows that the rate of abnormal physical indicators of the white-collar workers in Shanghai reaches 94%, among whom, more than half of males suffer from fatty liver, and nearly 80% of females suffer from lobular hyperplasia.

  • 12.7%


    CIIC, a HR service provider, carried out a survey of year-end bonus, which shows that over 60% of Shanghai-based enterprises undertake to issue year-end bonus as per the average amount in 2012, and 30% generously increase the budgeted amount of the bonus, averagely increasing by 12.7%.

  • 2530


    Tianjin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced recently, the lowest and highest standard for employer and employee to pay for the endowment insurance for urban employee in 2014 are 2530 yuan and 12780 yuan respectively.

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