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#65  Jan 24, 2014    email version


How to deal with "premeditated" resignation?


Before sending a formal notice on terminating the labor relations to the employing unit, the employee should ask the employing unit to correct the incompliance items; if the employing unit ignores such a request, then the employing unit is undoubtedly in subjective malice, which is forbidden by the law.

  • 如何选择“终止”理由?
  • How to choose reasons for "termination"?
  • 协商解除既能满足劳动者大部分的诉求,也能减小企业在仲裁诉讼上的败诉风险,更能为劳资双方节省宝贵的时间和金钱成本。
  • Negotiated termination can satisfy the appeals of most employees, mitigate losing risks during arbitration and litigation, and save valuable time and money for both the employing unit and employees.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 12部委通知明确:实现跨省医保即时结算

    12 ministries and commissions: real-time settlement for cross-provincial medical insurance will be realized


    Recently, 12 ministries and commissions including NDRC, SCOPSR, and MIIT jointly issued a notice, deciding to implement real-time settlement for cross-provincial medical insurance. Such real-time settlement will be put into trial implementation firstly in 100 cities of 15 provinces, covering over 0.3 billion urban and rural citizens.

  • 北京今年进京指标不足万人

    The quota of people for household registration (Hukou) in Beijingis less than 10 thousand this year


    According to a recent statement of Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the quota of people for household registration (Hukou) in Beijing in 2014 will be less than 10 thousand, which is the same as the last year but tends to be tightened in the future. In the meantime, older graduates will be strictly controlled this year, and those taking postgraduate entrance exam for the purpose of household registration (Hukou) in Beijing will be refused.

  • 北京:不办居住证将会受处罚

    Beijing: those failing to acquire residence permit will be punished


    Mr. Liu Tao, Head of the Population Brigade of Beijing Public Security Bureau, said recently that Beijing will not set up any threshold for application for residence permit, so as to encourage people entering Beijing to fulfill residence registration voluntarily. And relevant punishment regulation will be promulgated for those individuals and employers who fail to acquire such permit.

  • 《财富》年度最受欢迎雇主:谷歌蝉联榜首

    The most welcomed employers by Fortune: Google holds its No.1 place


    Recently, Fortune publicized a list of top 100 employers which are the most welcomed in US in 2014. According to this list, Google occupies the No. 1 place for a third consecutive year, and SAS gets No. 2. In addition, Apple disappears on this list.

  • 亚洲仍是人才招聘热点地区

    Asia is still a hot area for talent recruitment


    HAYS, a HR consultancy, recently released a report, pointing out that although the HR market in Asia is still in oversupply status, Asia is still a hot area for talent recruitment. The biggest problem that employers face is the shortage of high-end talents.

  • 45%


    RMG Selection, a HR consultancy, recently conducted a survey, showing that the biggest change in last year's domestic HR market is that the flow rate of talents in state-owned enterprise and employees intending to change their jobs increased greatly. 45% of employees of state-owned enterprise intended to change their jobs last year.

  • 1.75


    Zhaopin.com, a HR service provider, recently carried out a survey, showing that the rate of white collar workers' satisfaction over year-end bonus in 2014 is only 1.75, which is less than the passing score if the full score is 5 points.

  • 77000


    51job, a HR service provider, recently issued a Report of Model Enterprise's Training and Remuneration in 2013, showing that the average increase of remuneration of 100 Chinese model enterprises in 2013 was 9.1%, and the training courses provided by them for their employees were over 77000 types.

  • 445.7万


    The statistics of Taobao in 2013 showed that the shortage of talents in the e-commerce enterprises on Taobao platform is 1 million, and, for the whole industry, such number will reach 4.457 million in the next 3 years.

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