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#67  Feb 21, 2014    email version


How to regulate labor dispatch employment involved in alleged breach of regulations?


The precondition of transfer to contractors is that the supplier undertaking the outsourcing project has relevant qualification related to the business and corresponding industrial and commercial registration.

  • 劳务派遣的无效纠纷
  • Case of labor dispatch dispute
  • 有鉴于《劳务派遣暂行规定》中删除了征求意见稿当中可以确认用工单位与劳动者之间存在直接劳动关系的提议,对于违法派遣行为只能给予经济处罚,而不能直接认定存在劳动关系。
  • The final version of the Interim Provisions deletes the proposal of confirming the employment relationship between the workers and the employing unit stipulated in the version open to comments. As for illegal labor dispatch, economic punishment could be application, but no employment relationship should be confirmed.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院:养老保险城乡合并

    The State Council: urban and rural endowment insurance will be integrated


    The executive meeting of the State Council held recently resolved to integrate the new rural social pension system and the urban social endowment insurance, and establish a unified national basic pension system for urban and rural residents.

  • 广东:公积金或可用于购房首付

    Guangdong: housing fund may be used in down payment for purchasing house


    A leader of the Housing and Construction Department of Guangdong Province said recently that it is fair and reasonable to permit people to use their housing fund in the down payment for purchasing house and allow low- and middle-income people to pay their house rent with the housing fund. This direction of reform has be determined.

  • 上海:未上险女职工生育津贴由单位付

    Shanghai: the childbirth allowance for female employee not participating in maternity insurance shall be paid by employer


    According to a competent department of Shanghai, the childbirth and living allowance of female employee who has not participated in Shanghai's urban maternity insurance and has suffered miscarriage shall be calculated based on her wage standards prior to maternity leave and the number of days of her maternity leave, and paid by her employer.

  • 深圳:超6成企业增加招工

    Shenzhen: over 60% of enterprises increase the quantity of their newly-recruited employees


    According to the data released by the Shenzhen Talent Market, most of the enterprises in Shenzhen increase the number of their newly-recruited employees, with 66% increasing their new employees, 23% keeping the same quantity as before, and 11% decreasing their new employees.

  • 北京推进社保卡公交卡一卡多用

    Beijing will roll out the multiple use of social security card (traffic card)


    According to the Implementation Rules for Promoting Information Consumption and Expanding Domestic Demand promulgated by the People's Government of Beijing, it will coordinate various governmental and social resources and integrate the functions of social security card and traffic card into one card.

  • 1012


    The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Beijing recently issued a Notice for Adjusting the Standards of Unemployment Insurance Benefits, determining to raise each standard of unemployment insurance benefits by 120 yuan averagely, and, from the 13th month, all standards will be in line with 1012 yuan.

  • 11.3万


    According to the supply and demand of HR market in the first half of the year published by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Beijing, the talents in the most urgent demand by the enterprises in Beijing in the first half of this year are professional technicians such as software and IT developers, which are 113 thousand in shortage.

  • 1680


    The executive meeting of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee has determined to adjust the minimum wage standards of enterprise from 1500 yuan to 1680 yuan since April 1st, with an monthly increase of 180 yuan and 12%.

  • 85.7


    A survey recently made by Career International showed that more enterprises plan to increase the number of their employees in 2014, while only fewer enterprises plan to reduce their employees. 85.7% of the interviewed advertisement and media companies plan to increase their employees, which is highest rate.

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