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#68  Feb 28, 2014    email version


False Information supplied by the employee and termination of employment contract


Except for the principle of good faith, the employer shall abide by the principle of equality of rights and obligations in regard to the false information supplied by the employee.If not,terminating the employment contract bear the risk of being denied.

  • 员工处于医疗期怎么解除?
  • How can employee's labor contract be canceled during medical treatment period?
  • 员工医疗期满后,公司应当依法要求其回公司回原岗上班,员工不能从事的,再安排从事其他岗位,员工仍不能从事的才能解除。
  • Upon expiration of employee's medical treatment period, the company shall request him to go back to work on his original post, or arrange other work post in the event of employee's inability to do so. The company may cancel the labor contract with him if and after he still cannot do such separately arranged work.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国家工商总局:企业年检3月1日起取消

    SAIC: Cancelling Enterprise Annual Inspection from March 1


    The State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) has decided to cancel the enterprise annual inspection of limited liability companies, joint stock companies, non-corporate legal persons, partnership enterprises, sole proprietorship enterprises and their branches, foreign country (region) enterprises engaging in business activities in China, and other operating units that have received the business license from March 1.

  • 人社部:将统一城乡养老保险衔接政策标准

    MOHRSS: Unify Urban and Rural Endowment Insurance Interconnection Policies and Standards Soon


    The Interim Measures for Urban and Rural Endowment Insurance Interconnection will be enacted in July 1 this year throughout the country. On February 24, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Finance promulgated the Interim Measures for Urban and Rural Endowment Insurance Interconnection, asking all regions to release documents regarding unified basic endowment insurance for urban and rural residents in the name of the provincial (autonomous region or municipal) governments combining the actualities of the province (autonomous region or municipality).

  • 国家统计局:2013年我国城镇新增就业1310万人

    National Bureau of Statistics: A Total of 13.1 Million New Urban Jobs Were Created in 2013


    The National Bureau of Statistics recently released the Statistical Communiqué of the People's Republic of China on the 2013 National Economic and Social Development. According to the Communiqué, by the end of 2013, a total of 769.77 million people were employed in China, with 382.4 million urban employees, while a total of 13.1 million new urban jobs were created.

  • 上海今年将制定劳务派遣规范细则

    Shanghai Will Promulgate Labor Dispatch Implementations Details This Year


    On a recent human resources and social security meeting, it is revealed that Shanghai will further strengthen regulation and management over labor dispatch this year and will promulgate labor dispatch implementation details within the year.

  • 广州:公务员工资奖金全面公开

    Guangzhou: Remunerations and Bonuses of Civil Servants Will Be Fully Disclosed to Public


    The Method of Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress on Budget Review, Approval and Supervision will be enacted on March 1. The method provides that all revenues and expenditures of the government will be mandated to be incorporated into budget management. This means that remunerations and bonuses of civil servants as well as entertainment expenses and meeting expenses of government organs will be disclosed to the public.

  • 6%


    Global professional recruitment group Hays has recently released a report, predicting that 58% of enterprises in China will raise salary by 6-10% this year, while another 9% will raise salary by over 10%. The salary growth rate of China is likely to lead all Asian countries this year.

  • 71.32%


    Domestic recruitment website zhaopin.com released the while collar job hopping index report. According to the report, 71.32% of the surveyed in Guangzhou have the intent to change jobs, ranking second among the 28 surveyed cities, only next to Beijing.

  • 65.4%


    HR company Career International recently issued the Recruitment Trends Survey of Chinese Enterprises 2014. The result shows that 65.4% of the surveyed enterprises have the plan to expand staffing, increased by 6.6% over 2013.

  • 8.1%


    According to the Statistical Communiqué of the People's Republic of China on the 2013 National Economic and Social Development recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the per capita disposal income of urban residents and the per capita net income of rural residents rose in real term by 7.0% and 9.3% respectively, while the per capital disposal income of all residents increased in real term by 8.1%.

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