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#7  Nov 23, 2012    email version


The Risk of Double Salaries for the Renewal of Labor Contract


The Labor Contract Law has held a negative attitude against the de facto labor relations without written contract, and stringent rules for punishment will be imposed on the employers. So what kind of confusion and risk will be involved in the continuation of the labor contract between the employing unit and the employees?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部正起草工资支付条例

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Insurance Drafting Salary Payment Regulation


    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has already kicked off the work of drafting and discussing of salary payment regulation. This regulation aims to address the irregularities and unfairness in the distribution of salary. This also helps to elevate the issue of remuneration to legislative level for the first time.

  • 天津16岁可缴养老险被指变相延长退休

    Contribution for Endowment Insurance from 16 Described as a Distorted Form of Delayed Retirement in Tianjin


    The initial year of participation for endowment insurance for urban and rural citizen has been adjusted in Tianjin. From 2013, the starting age for contribution will be adjusted from 18 years old to 16 years old. This adjustment is described as a form of delayed retirement.

  • 深圳:高技能人才入户不受指标限制

    Shenzhen: No Quota Restraints for Talents with High Professional Qualification Applying for Household Registration


    From November 9th, 2012 to March 31st, 2013, admittance mechanism will be implemented in Shenzhen’s household registration for talents with high professional qualifications. Those who are qualified can apply for household registration without quota limitation.

  • 61%


    2012/2013 Global Anti-fraud Report has shown that, taking the global situation into consideration, 61% enterprises this year declared that their interest has been infringed by fraudulent behavior.

  • 1.53 Million


    The British investment company Skandia International has conducted a recent international survey, which shows shat HK people can feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness when enjoying an annual salary of 1.53 million. Such requirement of annual salary ranks the third around the world, running after the requirement of Dubai people of 2.14 million and 1.76 million for Singaporeans.

  • 30205


    By now, there are 28 provinces (including municipalities and districts) that have unveiled the per capital disposable income. Among all these regions, the per capital income of the first three quarters of rural and urban citizens in Shanghai ranks the first, reaching 30205 Yuan.

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