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#70  Mar 14, 2014    email version


Can I dissolve the labor contract on the ground that the employee does not meet conditions of employment after the probation period?


Once it is beyond the probation period, even if the enterprise finds that the employee has poor performances and is not up to conditions of employment, it cannot dismiss the employee on the ground of being incompetent for the job.

  • 与在校生订立的劳动合同是否有效?
  • Is the labor contract concluded with university student valid?
  • 在该学生还属于全日制在校学生时,与其订立的《劳动合同》关于社会保险有关的条款无效,但是一些不违反法律规定,甚至高于法律规定的约定一般仍应认为有效。
  • The provisions concerning social security in the labor contract concluded with this postgraduate when he still studied in the university shall be void. Nevertheless, some other provisions not violating or even exceeding the law shall be considered as valid.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:延迟退休方案2020年前出台

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: the program of postponed retirement will be introduced prior to 2020


    Mr. Yin Weimin, Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, responded the other day to the issue of when the program of postponed retirement will be introduced. He said, the program of postponed retirement will be introduced prior to 2020.

  • 广州积分制入户大变脸

    Guangzhou's point system for residence registration undergoes major changes


    Guangzhou's 1+3 documents for population control and residence registration policy are released and implemented. These documents contain three focuses: removing age limit on top talents, direct immigration of sanitation workers and elementary medical personnel, consolidation of contribution years of medical and unemployment insurance after residence registration based on adequate points.

  • 深圳“无限量”引进高校毕业生

    Shenzhen imports university graduates without limit


    Shenzhen's work of importing university graduates has commenced this year. According to Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shenzhen will introduce university graduates without setting up any restrictions on quota, quantity, university, or major. University graduates may apply for residence registration individually.

  • 外地准生“单独二孩”在深参保人可享生育保险

    The insured allowed to have a second child due to other province's second-child policy may enjoy maternity insurance in Shenzhen


    Shenzhen Health and Family Planning Commission and Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said recently, the insured carrying the family planning certification issued by the family planning agency of the province allowing parent (who is an only child himself/herself) to have a second child may enjoy maternity insurance in Shenzhen.

  • 湖南推出“工伤认定案例指导制”

    Hunan introduces a system of preceding cases for guiding identification of work-related injury


    The Implementation Method of Regulation of Work-Related Injury Insurance of Hunan Province will be formally implemented as of April 1st, 2014, which proposes a system of preceding cases for guiding the identification of work-related injury, and stipulates that the typical cases of identification of work-related injury will be selected by the social security administration of the provincial government, audited by its legal affairs department, and finally released by the provincial government.

  • 4000亿


    Mr. Hu Xiaoyi, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said recently that the balance of our nation's pension in 2013 was over 400 billion yuan, which was the most in the history. The fund is becoming stronger. There is no problem of deficit nor any shortage of funds.

  • 77%


    Mercer, a global HR consultancy, recently published a survey, stating that most of the surveyed companies (77%) had not implemented supplementary pension plan. Among such companies, 25% indicated that they would consider to establish enterprise annuity.

  • 36%


    HAYS, a HR recruitment company of UK, recently carried out a survey of Asian female directors, showing that female accounts for 36% of the senior management in China, which is higher 28%, the average in Asia, whereas, the percentage of Japanese female is the lowest in this survey.

  • 32


    Manpower, a global HR consultancy, recently made a quarterly survey of employment forecast, showing that the enterprises in 32 of the 42 countries and regions in the survey intend to recruit more employees in the second quarter, which is the highest since the third quarter of 2008.

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